OXO Products

OXO is a company that makes a wide variety of customer product lines such as cooking tools, household cleaning tools, baby and toddler products, storage and organization products, gardening tools, barware, lighting, and office products. OXO products have a unique design that makes them easy to hold and to use. You can purchase OXO products at many retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Kohl’s, Sears, Kitchen Kapers, Boscov’s, Strawbridges, and others. You can also purchase OXO products on their website. OXO has four main brands that they sell their products under including Good Grips, SteeL, Tot, and Candela. Below is a sampling of the most popular products in each brand.

OXO Good Grips Products

Within the Good Grips brand name there are many different types of products and some of the most popular are pictured above. Most of the Good Grips OXO products are for the kitchen, but you will also find OXO products for the garden, the office, and for cleaning. The handles of almost all the Good Grips OXO products are made of a material called Santoprene. This processed rubber has a soft feel and can conform to an individual grip. It is also dishwasher safe and will not break down when exposed to most kitchen oils and oils of the hand. One of the most popular categories of OXO products is the food storage products. In June of 2011 they introduced a new line of food storage containers called the POP containers. These OXO POP Containers have an airtight seal that is created with the push of a button. However, the lids are easy to remove. This simple operation means that anyone can get into and reseal your food containers easily. They are also stackable and come in a wide variety of sizes so that you can maximize the storage space available to you.

OXO SteeL Product

Stainless steel is an ideal material for kitchenware because it will not rust or corrode because of water or other food liquids. OXO stainless steel products in the SteeL line have a sleek design with accents of black on a mostly stainless steel tool. They have not only kitchen OXO products in this line, but also office supplies like the clips pictured above or cleaning supplies like the handheld brush pictured above. OXO SteeL products also include storage and organization products and serving products.

OXO Tot Products

Parents are very particular about the products they let their children use and OXO products for tots are a great line that any parent would be thrilled to bring into their home. The OXO Tot products are easy to grip and made with bright color schemes to stimulate your child appropriately. OXO Tot products include a number of highchairs and bath toys in addition to eating utensils, cups, flatware, and baby food making equipment. Probably the most popular OXO products for children are the cleaning products. OXO makes a number of bottle cleaning products such as nipple brushes, drying racks, baskets for dishwasher use, etc. You can see many of the OXO Tot products above.

OXO Candela Products

OXO Candela products are lighting products that are safer for your home than traditional candles. The reason is that they are rechargeable LED lights rather than flame candles. The OXO Candela products can run for up to eight hours before needing to be recharged. They are portable, cordless, and give off a warm glow that simulates candle light well. OXO lighting products also include a number of nightlights that your children will enjoy. Tooli nightlights light up when they are removed from their charger base and they are safe for your children to move around with. They can take the nightlight with them to the bathroom or under the covers for some fun.

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