Kitchen Nook Space Requirements

If you are considering buying a new kitchen nook set, then you might be wondering how to determine the kitchen nook space requirements for a particular table and chairs you might be looking at. The process to determine what you kitchen nook space requirements are is quite simple.

First, you need to determine if the shape of the kitchen nook table roughly matches the shape of the kitchen nook itself. For example, if your kitchen nook is a room that sticks out from the rest of the house in the shape of a half octagon, then a round kitchen table would be most appropriate because the shapes match each other. Trying to put a rectangular table in that kind of room would be an extreme waste of space. Much of the floor space would go unoccupied and therefore you would not be able to have as large a kitchen nook table set as you could have otherwise.

Once you know the shapes match, you need to measure the dimensions of the kitchen nook table. If you are considering a rectangular table, that will be the length and width. If you are considering a round kitchen table then the dimension you are concerned with would be diameter. Once you have those dimensions, you need to add three feet to each one. With the rectangular table you will add three feet to both the length and the width. For example, if the table measures four feet by six feet you will get a new measurement of seven feet by nine feet. These new dimensions are the kitchen nook space requirements for that particular kitchen nook table set. You want your kitchen nook to be at least that large.

The extra three feet is to allow room for chairs to be pulled in and out on all sides. There are exceptions to this rule such as with corner kitchen nook sets. With a corner kitchen nook set, the bench in the corner and the table are both stationary so you do not need to leave as much room around two sides of the table for the pulling in and out of chairs. With a corner nook set, measure the dimensions of the table plus the corner bench and then only add eighteen inches to each dimension for the other two sides of the table.

One thing to consider when looking at your kitchen nook space requirements is that many kitchen nooks only have three walls or they only have the circular shape in half the room. The other half of the room or the fourth wall is actually an opening to the kitchen. You need to be able to imagine where the fourth wall or the rest of the round room would be if the kitchen was not there in order to estimate the kitchen nook dimensions. Sometimes you can cheat a little and go further into the kitchen than is expected if you need an especially large kitchen nook furniture set, but generally you want to stick to the imaginary boundaries.

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