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Most Popular K Cups

Keurig K cups are meant to be used with Keurig single cup coffee brewing systems. However, K cups has become synonymous with any single serving coffee brewing pod or device. Single cup brewing is the newest trend in coffee and is perfect for the hard core coffee drinker and casual dabbler alike. There are several advantages to brewing coffee one cup at a time and you can attribute many of them to K cups. First of all, you have access to an incredibly large variety of coffee blends and other hot beverages. You are no longer required to drink the same kind of coffee every day for a month because that is how long it takes to get through a canister of coffee. Another advantage would be the fact that there are no messy coffee grounds, filters, and coffee pots to clean up after. K cup coffee brewing is clean and easy. Next, brewing coffee with K cups is fast. You will no longer have to spend time grounding beans, preparing the coffee maker, and brewing an entire pot every time you want a cup of coffee. K cups can be ready with a cup in as little as thirty seconds if the machine is warmed up. Finally, K cups are a relatively inexpensive way to get your daily coffee fix when compared to chain coffee stores and convenience stores.

How Do K Cups Work?

The K cup has a paper filter that is welded inside and filled with coffee, tea, or whatever beverage making ingredient is needed. Then each cup is sealed airtight with a foil lid so the contents stay fresh. When the K cup is inserted into the Keurig coffee maker small holes are punctured in both the top and bottom of the K cup. The top hole punctured through the foil lid so that there is a direct line to the coffee. The bottom hole is positioned so that the hole does not puncture the filter paper and no coffee or tea ground can make it through to your cup. Pressurized hot water is pushed through the top hole, forced through the packed coffee, etc. and then the brewed beverage exits out the bottom hole and is dispensed into your mug.

K Cup Variety

There are over two hundred varieties of K cups available to the consumer so it is almost guaranteed that you will be able to find something that suits your taste buds. If you look on the Keurig website, they have the K cups arranged in a variety of ways so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. Not only are there K cups with coffee, but they also make tea K cups for those who want a little less potent of a hot beverage and hot chocolate K cups which are great for the kids. The first way that you can sort through the many varieties of K-cups is by brand. Keurig has agreements with many of the top coffee and tea companies so that you are sure to find your favorite brand available. Some examples might be Millstone, Folgers, and Twinings if you are into the classics or Wolfgang Puck, Emeril’s, or Newman’s Own Organics if you want something more trendy.

If you are not concerned with the particular brand and just want to make sure you get a great tasting cup of coffee or tea, then you can use the Keurig website to sort the available K cup flavors by caffeine level, roast, or blend. Keurig K-Cups come in decaf, half-calf, or regular strength in many different flavors. That means that you can use your K cups coffee maker to make your morning coffee with a caffeine fix and then a post dinner cup of the same coffee in the decaf version without wasting half a pot of coffee each time. Keurig also helps consumers by classifying their available K cup flavors into light, medium, or dark roasts. If you like a richer and more flavorful coffee then you should look into the darker roasts. Teas are not classified by roast but rather by blend. You can refine your search for a tea K cup by choosing black teas, green teas, white teas, etc.

K Cup Cleanliness

A second benefit to brewing your coffee with K cups is the cleanliness factor. When brewing a normal pot of coffee you dirty the coffee pot while with K cups you only dirty the cup you are going to drink the coffee out of so there are fewer dishes to wash when using K cups. In addition, regular coffee pots have filters with spent coffee grounds that you need to dispose of. If the filter tears or spills it is quite difficult to clean up, but you never have these problems with K cups because you just throw out the used K cup with no mess and no fuss.

K Cup Speed

Brewing coffee with K cups is much faster overall than brewing coffee the traditional way. If the machine is already heated up then you can have a cup of coffee in as little as thirty seconds. Even if you are starting with a cold machine, it only takes two to three minutes to brew the perfect cup of coffee. In addition to the fast brewing time, K cups have very little preparation and cleanup activities associated with them which also helps to save time. For example, you do not have to measure out coffee grounds and water for each cup. In fact, you can fill the water reservoir as little as once a week depending on your Keurig coffee maker model and how much coffee you drink. In terms of clean up, you do not have to clean the pot or clean out sued coffee grounds. Instead, you only have to throw out a K cup.

K Cup Complaints

There are two common complaints that consumers have when it comes to K cups. First, it can be inconvenient that you can only make coffee one cup at a time if you are entertaining. Sometimes it is more practical to be able to make an entire pot of coffee at once. However, even if you have to make one cup at a time for each guest, they will be able to pick a coffee flavor that they want rather than just having what everyone else is having.

Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

My K-Cup Reusable coffee filter – Use your own gourmet coffee in a reusable filter. Exclusive to the Keurig Home Brewing System.

Second, some people think that coffee made with K cups is not strong enough. If this is a problem for you then you should consider trying the darker roasts for stronger coffee taste. If that is not a good enough solution for you then you might consider buying the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter. This is a reusable K cup where the user can fill the K cup with their own coffee grounds. This Keurig accessory is not compatible with every single Keurig coffee machine, but works with most of the higher end models.

Most Popular Keurig K Cup Brewers

Keurig makes a wide variety of K cup coffee brewers or K cup coffee machines for you to choose from. The differences between the machines are things like the size of the water reservoir, the sizes of coffee cups you can brew, and the aesthetics of the machine. Some Keurig coffee makers will hold more water in the reservoir than others so that you could fill the reservoir as little as once a week. Some brewers have as little as two brew sizes and others have as many as four. Some K cup brewers are entirely black plastic while others have chrome accents or an LED display.

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