Spice Racks for Kitchen Cabinets

One of the main organizational problems in any kitchen is the collection of spices and seasonings that every cook needs in order to prepare a wide variety of meals. Most homeowners have a small countertop spice rack for the spices that they use daily or almost daily so that they have easy access. However, there are many more spices that you want to have around but that you do not need every day. For that collection, you will turn to kitchen storage solutions such as spice racks for kitchen cabinets. There are several different varieties of spice racks for use in kitchen cabinets, you just have to find the one that will fit into your cabinet scheme and be large enough for all of your spices.

Door Mounted Spice Racks

By far the most popular kind of spice rack for a kitchen cabinet is a door mounted spice rack. There are several characteristics of the kitchen door mounted spice rack that can vary from rack to rack. First, you need to decide whether you want an over the door spice rack or one that is mounted to the door with screws or nails. The over the door spice racks will be visible at the top of the kitchen cabinet when the doors are closed, but they are easy to install and move around. If you choose to go with a crew or nail mounted spice rack, then you need to be careful that the mounting screws are not too long and do not penetrate the kitchen door.

The next characteristic that you need to think about is the dimensions of the spice rack. Of course, the width and height cannot be larger than those of the kitchen cabinet door, but it is also important to consider the depth. You will need to make sure that there is room for the door to close when the spice rack is fully loaded. Generally, the spice rack shelves are installed such that they fall in between the shelves of your kitchen cabinet. In this case, you only need to make sure that you leave enough clearance on the front of the kitchen cabinet shelves. To make sure that your spice rack shelves will fit this way, it is an important feature for the shelves to be adjustable and moveable. You need to be able to move adjustable spice rack shelves in order to avoid kitchen cabinet shelves.

In addition to dimensions and style, you might also wish to consider the material of construction for your spice rack. Spice racks come in all different materials and you should choose one that compliments your kitchen cabinets as well as possible. If you cabinets are wood, then a wooden spice rack is a good choice and you should try to pick a similar stain if possible. Other common materials for door mounted spice racks are acrylic, metal, plastic, steel, and wire.

Tiered Spice Racks

A tiered spice rack is sort of like a mini shelf for spices. Instead of attaching to the back side of your kitchen cabinet door, these spice racks for kitchen cabinets go into the cabinet. Most tiered spice racks have a sturdy back and a front guard that is robust enough so that you can move the rack around as if it was a caddy. A spice caddy is handy in case you want to take spices to another part of the kitchen where you are working. Since it is safe to move tiered spice racks around, you can store several of them in a cabinet with the ends facing out. This means that you cannot see what is on each spice rack at a glance, but you can pull each one out to find what you need. Tiered spice racks can be made of a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. The material that you choose depends on the d├ęcor in the rest of your kitchen and your cabinets. For example, if you have oak cabinets, then oak spice racks would be a nice compliment.

Spice Cabinets

A dedicated spice cabinet is a great solution for the homeowner who is in the process of remodeling their kitchen or replacing their kitchen cabinets. In these examples, the home owner has the chance to make room for a thin pull-out spice organizer. The front of this organizer will lay flush with the rest of the cabinetry and have a face that matches the other cabinets. When you pull on the handle of the spice cabinet organizer, instead of having a door that opens on a hinge, the entire cabinet pulls out to reveal your spices. If you are not remodeling your cabinets or your kitchen, then you can approximate this effect with some cabinet or kitchen organization products. You can install a slide-out organizer in the exiting cabinet that will extend out the same way the spice storage cabinet does, but within an existing cabinet framework. This solution is similar to the tiered spice racks discussed above, however the slide-out organizer will not be portable.

Stepped Cabinet Organizers for Spices

A stepped cabinet organizer is just what it sounds like. There is a grouping of steps that fit into your cabinet and the spices will sit on each shelf like people standing on a set of risers for a chorus concert. There is one major advantage to this type of spice storage and one major disadvantage as well. The major advantage is that the steps help you take care of using the vertical space that is available to you inside a cabinet. Often, spices stored on the cabinet shelf without an organizer mean that there is several inches of head space that go completely unused. In addition, many of the stair step cabinet shelf organizers are expandable in width so that you can make them fit the exact dimensions of your kitchen cabinets.

The major disadvantage is that there is no mechanism for keeping the spice containers in their proper place. If you happen to hit a lower jar while you are reaching for a jar on the top shelf, you might knock it over and cause a cascade of falling spice containers. It is very easy to mess up the organization with no barrier slot to keep each spice container in its place. One possible solution for this problem is to put the smallest or shortest jars in the front and the tallest ones in the back so that the chances of hitting jars in the front when going for or removing jars in the back is minimized.

Spice Stack Drawers

This pull down spice rack stores and organizes 27 full-size (up to 5.5″ tall) or 54 half-size spice bottles in your kitchen cabinet. Three spice drawers pull out and lower to resting position to display spices in full view for easy location and reach. This compact spice storage rack saves valuable counter/cabinet space; multiple units can be stacked for cooks with a large spice collection. This spice organizer rack includes 96 (48 printed, 48 blank) outside drawer labels to help you stay organized and always find spices fast. Rubber feet hold unit securely in place. Spices not included. Durable ABS plastic is easy to clean with damp cloth. View “Other Info” tab for additional images. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required. Made in America

One of my favorite spice storage ideas is a system called spice stack drawers. These spice racks for kitchen cabinets have many benefits that make them a fantastic kitchen organizational product. These units are usually made with three drawers that pull out and then lower to a resting position at an angle so that you can see the spices stored on each shelf easily. The shelves are stackable so that if you have room in your cabinet and a large spice collection, then you can stack several on top of one another and have room for more spice storage. The product shown above has room for 27 full sized spice containers or 54 half sized containers. Each unit comes with labels to put on the outside of each drawer so that you know exactly what spices are stored in each drawer and you can find what you need quickly. The spice stack drawers are usually made of a durable plastic that can withstand lots of use without failing or falling apart.

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