Kitchen Organization Products

No matter how much storage space you have in your kitchen, you will not have a neat an efficient kitchen unless you use kitchen organization products. There are many different classes of organization products depending on what part of your kitchen you are looking to organize. Most of the time, a good kitchen organization product will solve some storage problem. That is why it is sometimes best to wait to buy your organization products until you see how your belongings fit into your available kitchen storage solutions. It is possible to have too many organizational products and actually run out of storage space because you are trying to keep things too segregated or too regimented. It is sometimes best to let organization product solutions happen naturally.

Cabinet Organization Products

You kitchen cabinets will probably need more organizational help than most parts of your kitchen because they are large cavernous spaces that invite clutter and disorganization. One common problem that many homeowners have is that things get lost in the back of their cabinets. It is easy enough to see the things stored in the front, but the back of base cabinets especially tend to be dark and hard to reach so it is easy o lose things back there. The solution is pull out shelves. Pull out shelves are an excellent organization product for the kitchen because they make it possible to see all the contents of any cabinet. Therefore, it is harder to stuff things into the back and forget them. Pull out shelves come in two varieties. The first type is flat shelves that pull straight out. The second type is pull out shelves that pull out and then tilt down for easier access.

Another common cabinet storage problem is loose lids for pots, pans, and plastic containers. If you store each lid with the item it corresponds with, it makes it much harder to stack pots and pans and you end up using your cabinet storage space inefficiently. A better solution is to use plastic or canvas storage containers to hold all of the lids. That way, you do not have large numbers of lids floating around the cabinets and getting lost and you can still stack your pots and pans.

Stacking, however, is not always a great solution to your storage problems. Sometimes, it is not a good idea to stack. For example, you can stack plates of the same size together, but it is not a good idea to stack two different sized plates on top of one another because you have to remove the smaller plates entirely any time you want a larger plate. In addition, stacking cups and glasses can be dangerous because they are much more likely to break or fall over. The solution is a cabinet organization product known as free standing stackable shelves. These shelves are usually made of wire and they are placed on a cabinet shelf in such a way that you double the amount of shelves you have available. That way, you can store the larger plates on the normal cabinet shelf and the smaller plates on the stackable shelf above. You use the same amount of space, but you have much easier access to your china. Cup racks that are installed on the underside of the upper shelf are also a good organization product for kitchen cabinets. You can hang the cups from the hooks and they are much safer than they would be if you stack them on a shelf.

Our under shelf chrome steel cup holder neatly organizes cups saving you precious cupboard, countertop and cabinet space. Just slide onto any existing shelf: no tools required. Holds up to 12 cups. Made of chrome finish steel, each
measures: 10 7/8″ x 7″ x 2 3/8″

Another common cabinet storage problem is wasted head space above spices and food stores. Canned goods and spice bottles are not items that are easily stackable because it would be very inconvenient to try and look through your inventory. The organization product solution is spice racks and can racks. Spice racks are multi-level storage devices for spice containers. Some are installed over the cabinet door and others are installed on the cabinet shelves. Spice racks for kitchen cabinets allow you to use all the vertical space available for storage and keep your spices organized so that it is easy to find what you need when you need it. Can racks are a way to take advantage of vertical storage space without stacking your canned goods. The racks are usually two or three levels high and the cans are stored on their sides. As you remove the can in the front of each level, the cans behind fall forward to fill the empty space. The only down side to this organization product for canned goods is that it is difficult to see what cans you have stored in the back when it is full. They work great if you store several cans of the same item.

Organize It All 1866 Soup Can RackOrganize It All 1866 Soup Can Rack Features:; Constructed of heavy metal wiring with chrome fini; Fits nicely into any kitchen cabinet; Fits most soup cans or other type of canned foods; 15.75 x 2.5 x 18.25″

One last cabinet storage problem that you might encounter comes up most often if you have a large corner base cabinet. Corner cabinets often are very deep and the door is small. Therefore, it is difficult to reach very far into the cabinet and almost impossible to reach the back. You do not want to waste all that valuable storage space, so your kitchen organization product that gives you the solution is a lazy Susan. Lazy Susans are round shelves that turn three hundred and sixty degrees around a center pole. They allow you to fill a large corner cabinet all the way to the back but have easy access to all the things stored in there by turning the lazy Susan. One advantage of a lazy Susan is that you can install a many shelves as you like around the center pole. That means that you can put three or four of them in a cabinet that you have decided will be your pantry, or one or two if you are using the cabinet for storage of larger items.

Our shelves are the strongest on the market and our horizontal, vertical and rotational adjustment features will save you time and money.

Drawer Organization Products

After your kitchen cabinets, the drawers in your cabinetry scheme are the next most important kitchen storage solution. Therefore, it is important that you keep the drawers just as organized as the cabinets. Similarly, you basically want to purchase drawer organization products to fill needs that arise and the solve storage problems. The most common drawer storage problem is disorganization when it comes to loose cutlery and loose kitchen utensils. It is impossible to know how many of each utensil you have available or to even find what you are looking for if everything is just thrown into a drawer with no organization. Even if you organize your utensils and cutlery into groups, the motion of opening and closing the drawer will soon mess up your efforts. The solution is a kitchen organization product known as a silverware tray or cutlery tray. Silverware trays provide compartments that are the right size and shape for the different kinds of silverware as well as some extra compartments for other kitchen utensils. There are also utensil trays that are made up of different sized compartments that you can use to organize any kind of utensils, not just cutlery. One feature that makes some cutlery trays better than others are no slip grips on the bottom of the tray so that they stay stationary when you open and close the drawer.

Deeper all wood expandable flatware/cutlery tray. 12-7/8″w x 18″d x 2-5/8″h, expands to 23″w

Another drawer storage problem that you may encounter is difficulty keeping things stacked in a deep drawer. Some people have drawers that are two or three feet deep and they use them for storing pots and pans or dishes. Just like with the silverware and utensils, the motion of opening and closing a drawer will disrupt any stacks you may make and cause your items to be spilled and messy. A solution is a drawer organization product known as peg drawer organizer. This product consists of a peg board that you fit into the bottom of the drawer and then wooden pegs that you place into the appropriate holes so that you have clear areas for stacking different kinds of dishes or cooking tools.

Rev-A-Shelf 4DPS-3021 Medium Drawer Peg System with 12 pegs – Wood – Maple-NaturalRev-A-Shelf 4DPS-3021 Medium Drawer Peg System with 12 pegs – Wood – Maple-Natural Features:; for 30″ and 33″ cabinets; Trim to fit; Physical Specifications; Width: (inches) 0 / 30.250; Depth: (inches) 6.625; Height: (inches) 0 / 21.250; Weight: (lbs) 7.00; Materials: Wood – Maple; Color/Finish: Natural

Countertop Organization Products

No matter how many kitchen organization products you buy for your cabinet sand drawers, you are going to have to store some things in your kitchen on your counter top. Therefore, there are kitchen organization products for the countertop as well. Some are designed to allow easy dispensing of items that you use every day or at least quite often. Other are designed to keep things out of sight or fresh. No matter what your counter top organization needs are, there are kitchen organizational products that can help.

The Anchor Home Collection adds style to your kitchen or pantry decor while providing functional, easy to use, handy food storage. This round ceramic canister has a round ceramic clamp-top lid.

One common counter top organization product for the kitchen is a set of canisters. Canisters usually come in a set of four. The canisters are different sizes and have an air tight lid so that you can store perishable items in them like flour, sugar, pasta, cereal, coffee, etc. They are a great organization product because they take the storage of large and potentially messy items out of your cabinets and put it in decorative canisters. Some homeowners use clear canisters so that the food items themselves can be decorative elements. Other homeowners store nonperishable but frequently used items like tea bags, candy, or office supplies like pencils, pens and scissors. The interior decorator usually uses the opportunity of this kitchen organization product to perpetuate whatever theme you are going for in the kitchen. For example, if your kitchen has a fruit theme then your canisters might have pictures of different kinds of fruit on them or maybe they will be in the shape of different fruits.

16 Jar Revolving Orbit Spice Rack from Olde Thompson is filled with 16 of your favorite spices

The purpose of most countertop organization products is to provide a neat place for items that you use frequently or every day. It looks cluttered when these items are just sitting out loosely. While you may have a large spice rack in your cabinets for the more exotic spices in your collection, you should probably have a small spice rack to keep near the stove with essential spices that you use often. Spice racks for kitchen counters come in two varieties. Either they are flat units that sit against the wall or they are circular lazy Susan type racks that spin around to reveal four sides of spice storage. The lazy Susan variety is a more efficient use of space.

Find all your necessary kitchen tools with a quick spin of the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder. The smooth rotating Holder makes tools easy to access. With a 5.5 inch diameter, the Utensil Holder holds over 15 large-handled tools, everything you need for preparing your favorite meals. A contoured bottom keeps tools upright, even when the Holder is not full. Non-slip feet guarantee the Holder won’t tip over when removing tools. For added convenience, you can use the three storage compartments to sort your tools by usage. Made of stainless steel, dishwasher safe.

Along the same line of thinking, you may wish to have certain kitchen utensils out on the counter for easy access because you use them frequently. If that is the case in your circumstance, then you should look into a utensil holder organization product. Utensil holders are open canisters that you store kitchen utensils in. Typically, you want to choose a utensil holder that matches the utensils. For example, if your utensils are all made of wood then you should have a wooden utensil holder. This item should also be stored next to the stove where you do most of your cooking and serving.

This Polder Jumbo Paper Towel Holder has a wonderful elegant look that will shine on any kitchen countertop! A great gift idea for anyone on your list!

I do not think I have ever been in a kitchen that did not have paper towels. Some people like to leave the roll of paper towels free so that they can pick it up and take it wherever they need them. This plan, however might lead to knocking over the paper towels and risking the roll unraveling across your kitchen floor. A solution to this possible organizational problem is another common kitchen organization tool – the paper towel holder. Paper towel holders typically include a circular base with a pole sticking up out of the middle. At the top of the pole is an end piece that screws off, leaving enough room to slip the roll of paper towels onto the pole. Then, after you replace the end piece, the roll stays in place and unrolls freely around that pole.

Protect your cookbooks from splatters and splashes, with our clear Acrylic Plastic Cook Book Holders. By holding your cook books upright, our cook book holders makes it easier to read your favorite recipes. Clear Acrylic Plastic Cook Book Hol

While not every kitchen will have this next classification or kitchen organization products, they are quite helpful if you are a chef or baker. Recipe organization and cook book organization are important to the serious cook or baker. It is easy for small recipe cards or cut out magazine recipes to get lost if you do not have a central place to store them. Recipe organizers like boxes for index cards or binders as well as cook books should be easily accessible. A good kitchen organization product is a set of book ends to put on either side of your collection of cookbooks. You can then put your recipe box on top of the cook books. Another helpful organization product for cooks is a cookbook stand. A cookbook stand helps to keep your cookbooks clean and makes them easy to read while you are standing next to the counter. That means that you can be a more efficient and clean cook.

Prime Pacific brushed stainless steel bread box. 16 1/2″ long, 6 3/4″ high, and 10″ deep. Includes swing down door.

If you are not lucky enough to have bread storage in your cabinetry, then you might consider a countertop bread box as another organization product you must have. Bread needs to be kept in a cool, dark, and dry place in order to stay good for as long as possible. Bread that is left out on a counter will get stale or mold much faster than bread stored in a bread box. A countertop bread box is a good investment not only because it will keep your bread good, but also because it is more attractive then several opened bread bags sitting out on the counter.

Dull cutlery is dangerous cutlery. One of the easiest ways to maintain sharp edges on your fine cutlery is to store the knives in a block. An added benefit is that your knives are conveniently ready and waiting for the next time you need to carve a roast

Knife storage is another issue that you must handle with countertop organization products because it can be dangerous to store knives in drawers. People might reach into the drawer and get cut if they are not paying attention. There are two ways to organize your knife collection on the kitchen countertop including knife blocks and magnetic knife storage strips. Knife blocks are large wooden blocks that either have slots where you insert the entire blade so that only the handles stick out in an upward direction or long slits that you rest the blade in so that the non cutting side of each blade is visible and the handles stick out toward you. Magnetic knife storage strips are magnetic strips that you install on the wall above your counter that the knives hang on for easy access. If you have small children then I would recommend a block where the blade is completely hidden because the knives are harder to get out and there is less of a chance of an accident happening.

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