Kitchen Storage Solutions

Since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your house, it is important to keep it organized. To help you keep things organized, you will need some kitchen storage solutions. Storage solutions for the kitchen are also important because many of the items that we use in the kitchen are not used very often. We want them close enough that they are easy to get to if we need them, but it is better if they can be stored out of sight. That is where kitchen storage solutions come in. There are many different kinds of storage for the kitchen and we will explore some of them here.

Cabinet Storage Solutions

Most homeowners assume that their kitchen cabinets alone will be enough storage for the kitchen. The truth is that an empty cabinet is a disaster in terms of a kitchen storage solution because homeowners tend to just put whatever fits into whatever cabinet in order to get everything out of sight. It is a much better solution to install some specialty cabinets and some kitchen cabinet organizational products to help with kitchen storage.

The first storage solution is specialty cabinets. Some examples of specialty cabinets include trash cabinets, message centers, utility cabinets, appliance garages, and pantries. Trash cans and recycling bins can be unsightly messes in your kitchen, not to mention sources of odor. One solution is a trash can or recycling bin cabinet. These cabinets are one of two varieties. One type has a cabinet door that reveals a trash can on a wire pull out rack. You can either reach in to toss things in the trash, or pull the trash can out for easy access when it is time to change the bag. The other variety is actually a drawer that has space for small trash cans to be dropped into wire racks. The drawer goes from the counter top to the floor so it looks like a cabinet at first. Trash can cabinets are great for storing this usually unpleasant part of your kitchen d├ęcor out of sight.

A message center cabinet is a great storage idea if your kitchen is like mine and acts like the command center for your family. A message center storage cabinet is usually located at eye level or above the counter. You can put a cork board on the inside of the kitchen cabinet door for posting reminders, schedules, or invitations that you need to keep handy. Inside the cabinet, you can install a small cubby organizer with sections for different types of documents, mail, and office supplies. You can also store stationary, thank you notes, and note pads for taking messages and making shopping lists. Some homeowners even put their phone and answering machine in this storage cabinet in order to eliminate clutter on the counter top.

A utility cabinet is a fantastic kitchen storage solution because you need to have a place to store your brooms, mop, dust pan, etc. that is out of sight, but still conveniently handy. A utility cabinet is installed at the end of a cabinet run on the end so that you have to look at the side of the other cabinets to see the front of the utility cabinet. They are usually only a few inches deep so they do not take up much room, but they do the job of getting necessary cleaning tools out of sight.

An appliance garage is a cabinet that starts at counter level and is the perfect place to store small kitchen appliances that you want easy access to. For example, some homeowners keep can openers, blenders, toasters, or coffee pots in the appliance garage because they are items that you might use as often as daily. These cabinets are unique because most kitchen cabinetry above the counter is mounted on the wall so that there is a space between the counter and the bottom of the cabinet. An appliance garage will eliminate some of your counter space, but it will help in terms of storage.

The pantry cabinet is an essential kitchen storage tool because it is really the only way to store food products in an efficient manner. The shallow shelves that are close together mean that there is little wasted space and it is easy to stay organized because you are forced to group items together in small groups rather than two large ones. If you are not lucky enough to have a pantry cabinet built in to your existing kitchen storage cabinets, then you should purchase a free standing pantry cabinet to help with kitchen storage.

Specialty kitchen cabinets are not the only way to help with kitchen cabinet storage. You can also purchase kitchen organization products to help. The products to help with cabinet storage can be broken into two categories; cabinet pull out shelves and cabinet organizers. Cabinet pull out shelves are helpful storage solutions because they allow you to stay more organized. If you can pull out each shelf to see what is stored in the back and to have easy access to items in the back then you will have less mishaps where stacks of pots and pans topple over when you are trying to get something out. Some pull out shelves are simple in that they are the exact dimensions of the cabinet and there are multiple pull out shelves per cabinet. Others are more unique in that pulling out the bottom shelf causes the upper shelves to move out as well and the shelves are tiered when they are pulled out. This is very aesthetically pleasing, but it prevents you from using the full amount of space available to you for storage.

Cabinet organizers are extremely helpful when it comes to kitchen storage because you can always fit more stuff in an organized space than in a disorganized one. Some examples of cabinet organizers that I find most helpful are free standing stackable shelves, cup racks, spice racks, and over the door storage tools. Stackable shelves are great because they essentially double the number of shelves that you have available in each cabinet. You can store things on the bottom shelf and then on the top of the stackable shelf rather than stacking different kinds of items on top of each other. These shelves work especially well in cabinets where you are storing dish ware or china. Cups racks are organizational tools that are installed on the bottom side of cabinet shelves so that you can hang cups in the head space over whatever other dishes you are storing in a particular cabinet.

Spice racks for kitchen cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, but they are essential for storing your collection of cooking spices. The most common varieties are tiered shelves and over the door spice racks. Both of these storage solutions can be used in the larger sense as well. You can have larger tiered shelves for storing canned goods or glasses and there can be over the door storage baskets for food products or for cleaning products under the sink. The only thing you have to look out for with over the door storage solutions is that you have enough empty shelf space in the front of the cabinet to accommodate the hanging baskets.

Drawer Storage Solutions

Rev-A-Shelf BDC-200-11 Bread Drawer Kit – Polymer-WhiteRev-A-Shelf BDC-200-11 Bread Drawer Kit – Polymer-White Features:; No Instruction Sheet Available; Physical Specifications; Width: (inches) 11.625 / 16.750; Depth: (inches) 0 / 21.750; Height: (inches) 0.375; Weight: (lbs) 3.00; Materials: Polymer; Color/Finish: White; Minimum Cabinet Opening; Width: (inches) 11.625; Typical Cabinet: DB-21

Next to the kitchen cabinets, the drawers in your kitchen are the next best place for kitchen storage. Just like with kitchen cabinets, you can have specialty storage drawers or regular drawer with organizational tools to help with storage. There are not as many specialty kitchen drawers, but there are a few. The first I would like to discuss is a bread basket drawer. In order for bread to last as long as possible, you need to store it in a cool, dry and preferably dark place. Bread drawers are typically lined with a metal box of some kind that has a lid. That way, when you open the drawer, you still have to open another lid in order to access the bread. The extra lining and lid keeps the bread dry and not exposed to light through other drawers and cabinets.

Another popular specialty drawer is a chopping block. This is not actually a drawer at all, but instead when you pull the drawer handle, a chopping block pulls out. This helps with kitchen storage in that you do not need to find a separate place to store your chopping block. And a third specialty storage drawer is a pet food drawer. These drawers are deep drawers that you can fit a large amount of pet food in along with a scoop. Rather than have a separate plastic container taking up floor space or cabinet space for your pet food, you can have a drawer dedicated to the purpose.

Drawer organizers are basically storage tools that subdivide the drawer into sections that help the drawer space stay organized. One of the most common drawer organizers is a cutlery organizer. These are trays made of either plastic, metal, or wood, that have subdivisions in the shape of different pieces of cutlery so that you can store your silverware in an organized fashion. Utensil organizers and specialty organizers for other small items you might keep in a drawer like office supplies are also popular. One specialty storage tool for drawers is a knife tray. These wooden blocks have slits in them where you place a blade so that knives are stored in a safe way and out of sight.

Food Storage Solutions

The most important food storage solution was briefly touched on in the cabinet storage solutions section and that is a pantry cabinet. Dry foods and canned goods need to be stored in the kitchen so that the chef has easy access to these important ingredients. However, storing them in traditional cabinets is a waste of space because the shelves are usually so far apart. In addition, it is difficult to see all the food you have available in a deep kitchen cabinet unless the cabinet has pull out shelves. Pantry cabinets have shallow shelves that are close together so both of these problems are solved. Nevertheless, not every kitchen has a pantry, so you might need to find additional food storage solutions for your kitchen.

Organize It All 1866 Soup Can RackOrganize It All 1866 Soup Can Rack Features:; Constructed of heavy metal wiring with chrome fini; Fits nicely into any kitchen cabinet; Fits most soup cans or other type of canned foods; 15.75 x 2.5 x 18.25″

One possible solution is a can rack. These racks sit in regular cabinets and they are designed so that subsequent canned goods will roll to the front when the canned good in front of them is dispensed. It works similarly to the way fridge packs of soda work. These are great organizational tools because they can have multiple levels so that you take advantage of vertical space. However, you cannot always see what is behind the front can so they only work well if you are storing multiple cans of the same thing.

Another food storage option is plastic bins. If you buy your foods in bulk, then you can empty a small portion of cereal or rice into a plastic quart size container which fits comfortably in your kitchen cabinet. The bulk food can be stored in the garage or in breakfast nook storage areas until it is needed. Another helpful food storage hint is to store like items in larger stackable containers. For example, you might store baking ingredients like baking soda, baking powder, corn starch, etc. in a plastic bin together. The clear plastic bin is visible when you open the cabinet and it is easy to find the item you need quickly. By stacking the bins, you take advantage of the vertical space as well.

Pot Racks and Wines Racks

This spectacular Pot n Pan Rack is crafted from solid Red Oak. The beams are 1/2″ birch. Each rack is screwed together and glued for maximum strength, and of course, each is hand sanded and finished in two coats of urethane. Twelve brass pot and utensil hooks are included with each rack — the hooks are large enough to accomodate oversize handles. All hardware is included to suspend your rack from an eight foot ceiling. Simply attach the chain, install the ceiling hooks into joists, and it’s ready to rock. This Oak Pot n Pan Rack measures 20″ x 33″. Available in a Natural Finish, or in a Dark Cherry Finish. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy. Made in America

Kitchen storage can be greatly improved with the addition of an over head pot rack and a built in wine rack. Pot racks typically are installed over your kitchen island because it is the one area of the kitchen that does not have cabinets installed up high. By taking the pots out of the cabinets and drawers, you free up a lot of space for other items that need to be stored like small kitchen appliances or food. Pot racks are not only helpful in terms of storage, but they can also be decorative. For example, copper hanging pot racks add a nice copper accent and can tie in with other copper kitchen accessories. In addition, it is always easy to find what you need because everything is right in front of you at eye level.

Built in wine racks can be on the end of your kitchen island, at the end of a cabinetry run, or built into the cabinetry. By taking wine storage off the counter and out of small floor stand or counter top wine racks, you free up valuable counter space. Like the pot rack, a built in wine rack can be decorative as well. The inside of each compartment can be painted or stained a variety of stylish ways.

Breakfast Nook Storage

As I mentioned above, breakfast nook storage is available in some kitchens. If you have a corner breakfast nook set with an L-shaped bench or any breakfast nook bench with storage, then you can use that chest like storage space for a variety of kitchen items that are sometimes hard to find storage for. For example, some homeowners use breakfast nooks with storage for large food containers. Still others use the space to store small kitchen appliances that they do not use very often or kitchen linens. There is not sense taking up valuable cabinet storage with the pasta maker that you use once a year. Table linens for your breakfast nook and kitchen linens also need to be stored nearby and the breakfast nook chest storage is perfect for these bulky items.

Protect your dishes in this set of 4 plate storage containers. Any type of dish, from the finest China to seasonal dishes can benefit by the use of these protective storage bags. The quilted Microfiber fabric is sturdy and soft, ideal for china storage. Included in this set are 12″ Dinner Plate Case, 9.5″ Salad Plate Case, 8″ Dessert Plate Case and a 7″ Saucer Case. Each case comes with 8 cushioned dividers. Save your dishes from nicks and scratches with these protective cases! Hand washable with a mild detergent. These storage sets do not unzip all the way around, however they do unzip approximately 3/4 of the way and the fact that these cases are soft and pliable makes it easy to insert china. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

One other possibility is storage for your fine china. You do not use your fine china every day, so most of the time you want it stored away. You can buy a set of canvas quilted fine china storage containers that will fit nicely in the breakfast nook storage area. These quilted bags are sized for various types of china like dinner plates, bowls, dessert plates, etc. They have canvas dividers to place between each piece of china and they zip closed so that the china is not exposed to dust or light which might contribute to its deterioration.

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