Countertop Transformations

Many homeowners want to be able to renovate their kitchens, but they are on a tight budget. There are many ways to reinvent your kitchen cabinetry without completely replacing everything, but one part of your kitchen that people thought they had to invest a lot of money in was the countertop. If you have an old and warn laminate counter top and you want to upgrade it to a marble or granite countertop, you may think that you need to spend a lot of money. However, there is a product that can help you for less than three hundred dollars. Countertop Transformations by Modern Masters is a way to transform your old laminate countertop into something fantastic. You can have a new countertop that looks like a granite counter top for less money than you think. Affordable new kitchen counters are at your fingertips with this do it yourself product purchased from Lowes.

What is Countertop Transformations?

Countertop Transformations is a do it yourself countertop improvement product. It is an easy to use product that allows the average homeowner to transform their old laminate countertop into a beautiful granite-like countertop. You get the impressive look of new countertops at the fraction of the cost in only one weekend.

The number one advantage of this product is that it is easy to use. The simple application process is easy enough for even a novice home improvement person. The application process includes three easy steps and each part of the product has its own advantages. The base coat is a very strong adhesive that bonds tightly to the old countertops so that you do not have to worry about peeling like you do with other paint on products. While it is safer to wear some kind of face protection, the product does not have much of an odor so it is pleasant to work with. The middle layer of decorative color chips has the advantage that it comes in a variety of colors so that you can choose a look that will fit with whatever your kitchen style is. The third layer of Countertop Transformations is a unique topcoat that resists yellowing and is quite durable. It can withstand normal food stains and any non abrasive cleaning product. The topcoat is reinforced with an antimicrobial to keep your kitchen safe and clean.

How Do You Use Countertop Transformations?

  1. The first step when transforming you countertops with Countertop Transformations is to clean and sand your existing laminate countertop. The Countertop Transformations kit will come with diamond embedded sanding tool that you can use to rough up your old countertop. Basically, you want to sand away all of the shininess from your old countertop. The surface should be rough and dull when you are finished. Next, you need to carefully clean the countertop surface so that it is free of debris, dust, etc. Any of these things left behind will prevent the adhesive base coat from sticking to the countertop correctly and might cause your new countertop to peel up away from the base. As part of the cleaning, you should also tape off around the countertop and backsplash to prevent any base coat getting on your walls or cabinets. It is also a good idea to tarp off your lower cabinets so that you do not get any of the decorative ships in the cabinets.
  2. The second step is to apply the adhesive base coat. This step must be done quickly because the base coat will start to dry almost immediately and it must remain wet for the application of the decorative chips. The Countertop Transformations kit also comes with a wetting agent which you can spray on top of the base coat to keep it wet for slightly longer. If you have a lot of countertop to transform then you might want to apply the base coat in small sections so that you can move on to step three for each section before it dries.
  3. Before the adhesive base coat dries you will sprinkle the applied area with decorative chips using the included decorative chip dispenser. You want to completely cover the base coat with chips. You should not be able to see any of the basecoat once the chips are applied. Do not worry about having too many chips in any specific area because you can always sand down and remove any excess chips later. The only thing you want to be careful of is to make sure that you do not run out of chips before your countertop transformation is complete.
  4. The fourth step is to wait. You must let the adhesive base coat and chips dry for at least twelve hours without disturbing them at all. Most homeowner chose to wait these twelve hours over night so as not to be tempted to touch the drying chips and adhesive. This step is extremely important. No matter how tempted you are, wait at least twelve hours, preferably more.
  5. After the adhesive is completely set, you can brush away any excess chips from the countertop surface using a soft brush and dust pan. Next you can use the decorative chip scraper included in your Countertop Transformation tool kit to knock down any chips that are sticking up. Be careful not to scrape too hard because you might gouge the surface or scrap away the chips entirely. Once the excess chips are removed, you sand the chips surface so that you have a smooth and polished surface for the application of the protective top coat.
  6. The last step is to apply the protective top coat. Using a two inch brush for the backsplash and hard to reach areas and a six inch roller for the majority of the countertop, you can apply the top coat in even strokes. Always make sure to run your brush or roller in the same direction to finish so that the top coat looks evenly applied. You must let the entire set up dry for at least forty eight hours before you can start to use the countertops lightly. The product will not be completely cured and available for normal use for five to seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Countertop Transformations

  • • You may be wondering if the Countertop Transformations coating will cover up any existing dents or scratches. Small scratches and stains will be covered up, but major scratches, dents, or chips must be repaired with a two part epoxy putty first. You apply the putty and wait for it to dry before sanding it down smooth with the rest of the countertop.
  • • Some homeowners want to know if you can use Countertop Transformations on any surfaces other than laminate. The truth is that you can use this countertop product with surfaces such as hardwood or metal. The key is to prepare the surface properly. You still want to sand the surface with the included diamond embedded sanding tool to make sure that you have a rough and glossy free surface to work with. However, before you sand the entire countertop, you should test the adhesion of the basecoat on a small section just to make sure before continuing.
  • • Other homeowners may be wondering how long Countertop Transformations will last. If you care for the surface properly, meaning that you avoid letting stains set in and you clean with a wet cloth and on abrasive cleaners regularly then the product should last for years.
  • • If or when the existing coating of Countertop Transformations wear out or needs to be replaced, you can apply a second coating over top of the first one. Just as with any surface, you will need to sand down the existing Countertop Transformations coating with the diamond embedded sander before applying a new basecoat.
  • • Many beginners worry about making a mistake and how they will correct it. The most common mistake is to find an area that is bare after the decorative chips and base coat have dried. If this happens to you, wet a sponge and then dip that sponge in the base coat. Apply the sponge o the bare area and then immediately cover with more decorative chips. Allow the new chips to dry and then sand down that area so that it is eve with the rest of the chip level.
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