Kitchen Nook

The kitchen nook is sometimes called the breakfast nook and it is a very interesting little room in your home. Some home decorators and designers consider it part of the kitchen and that is why it is also called an eat in kitchen sometimes. Other decorators consider it a separate room that is closely related to the kitchen, but not part of it. Either way, whether they are part of the kitchen or a closely related room, you need to furnish and decorate kitchen nooks in a way that compliments the rest of your kitchen.

A kitchen breakfast nook is an area at the end or just off of the kitchen where you will find a kitchen dining set. It is an informal table where your family will gather for a majority of its meals together because it is easy to access the food in the kitchen and easier to clean up if you do not have to transfer all the food to serving dishes in a formal dining room. There are several characteristics other than its proximity to the kitchen that are common in almost all kitchen dining nooks.

A kitchen dining nook will usually have many windows and lots of natural light. Of course windows are not a requirement, but they are common. Kitchen nooks typically stick out from the house further than the other rooms so there are three walls available for windows. Another characteristic of most kitchen nook areas is that they are not large. Unless you invest in custom kitchen nooks where you get to design as much room as you need, you will find that most kitchen dining nooks are only big enough for the kitchen nook set and not much else.

How to Furnish Your Kitchen Nook

If you have a kitchen nook in your home, then you will need to furnish it at some point. There are certain steps that you should take to make the selection process easier. In addition, there are a few tricks and tips that you can use to make sure that you get the most out of the space you have available in your kitchen nook. If you follow these steps and these tips then you will find the perfect set of kitchen nook furniture for your home.

The first step is to measure your kitchen nook carefully. There is nothing more frustrating than choosing a kitchen nook table and chairs only to find that you do not have the kitchen nook space requirements necessary to fit it in your kitchen. Measuring the kitchen breakfast nook is sometimes harder than it seems. Most of the time the breakfast nook does not have four walls that clearly define the boundaries of the room. Instead, you need to guess where the boundary is between the kitchen and the nook area. Once you determine where the imaginary walls would be, you might face other problems because many times the breakfast kitchen nook is not a rectangular or square room. Sometimes there are many walls forming a half octagon or some other shape instead. In other words, kitchen nooks are not always regular polygon shapes. The procedure is to figure out what regular polygon the room resembles and then take measurements of that shape.

Once you have the measurements of the room you can calculate how large your kitchen nook table can be. The rule of thumb to use is to subtract three feet from each of the dimensions of the kitchen nook. For example, if you have a roughly rectangular kitchen nook with measurements of ten by eight, then you can have a kitchen nook table that measures seven by five. You may be wondering why you need to leave so much room between the kitchen nook tables and the walls. The answer is that you have to leave room for the kitchen nook seating. Kitchen nook chairs, specifically need to have room between the table and wall so that you can pull them out and sit down and then push them out and stand up. Kitchen nook benches that remain stationary do not need as much room and as a result you can purchase a larger kitchen nook table if you have a kitchen nook set with bench seating. A corner kitchen nook table can be even larger because there is a bench on two adjacent sides of the table so the dimensions can be increased in both directions.

Once you have figured out how large your kitchen nook table can be, you can start to think about kitchen nook seating arrangements. There are benefits to both kitchen nook chairs and kitchen nook benches. Chairs offer your guests some personal space that benches do not. When you sit on a bench, you are forced to touch legs and arms with your neighbor and that can be uncomfortable for your guests who may not know each other that well. Chairs are also easier for young children who need to sit on their knees or on a booster seat. There is nowhere to attach a booster seat on a bench.

Benches, on the other hand, can seat more people that chairs so they are a good choice for a large family that needs to accommodate large numbers of people around their kitchen nook table. Another advantage of kitchen nook benches is that they often come equipped with under the seat storage compartments. Corner kitchen nooks are the most common type of kitchen nook furniture sets to offer storage. Kitchen nook benches with storage are a great place to put extra kitchen linens, small kitchen appliances that you do not use every day, or large food containers.

If you have an exceptionally large kitchen nook and you do not want a table that fills the entire space, you could also consider a kitchen nook table with a drop leaf or a leaf extension in the center. On special occasions you could always make the kitchen nook table larger, but it does not have to be large every day.

Kitchen Nook Sets

Once you know the shape and size of your kitchen nook table and the type of kitchen nook seating that you want, you can start to look for kitchen nook furniture for your home. The most common way to purchase kitchen nook furniture is in kitchen nook table sets. A kitchen nook set is a grouping of furniture that includes the kitchen nook table and the seating around the table. The materials of construction will match and the seating will be the correct height for sitting at the nook table. You can choose to buy your kitchen nook furniture piece meal, but it will be hard to meet the same criteria on your own.

Taking the information you learned during your measurements, you will know what shape your kitchen nook dining set must be and that is the perfect place to start. Once you have eliminated the tables that are the wrong shape, you can start looking at size requirements. Finally, once you have a few choices of kitchen nook furniture sets that have the right shape table of the right size, you can start looking at the seating options. You may have to make a few concessions along the way, like giving up some chairs for benches if the table is slightly too large, but you should have a few choices at the end of your search.

To narrow your selection further, you need to look at style and materials of construction. The style and materials in your kitchen nook should match the style and décor in the rest of your kitchen as much as possible. Even though they are technically different rooms, they blend together so much that you need to make sure they match each other. There are a few broad characterizations to keep in mind. For example, wood is generally not used in modern settings in its natural state. In other words, the only way you will find wooden kitchen nook furniture in a modern kitchen is if it is painted rather than stained. Another general rule would be that wood is generally stained light colors if you have a country style kitchen and stained dark colors if you have a more formal kitchen. Still another generalization is that glass and metal tables and kitchen nook sets are well suited to modern homes.

After you find the perfect material of construction for your kitchen nook set, you can turn your attention toward kitchen nook furniture styles. One very popular style is the corner kitchen nook set. Kitchen corner nooks are made up of an L-shaped bench that fits into the corner, a table, and either chairs or benches on the other sides of the kitchen nook table. You need to have a kitchen nook with two walls that are perpendicular to each other in order to make this style of kitchen breakfast nook set work. Kitchen corner nooks cannot have an odd shape like a half octagon that sticks out away from the rest of the house.

If your kitchen nook has that shape, then a style that would be more appropriate might be a round kitchen table with chairs. I specifically say chairs because it is quite uncommon for there to be curved benches around a round table. Round kitchen nook sets almost always have chairs rather than benches. Round kitchen tables are different than rectangular tables in that they usually have one center table leg rather than four legs at the corners. This means that it is easier to squeeze extra chairs in around the table if you need to. If your kitchen nook area is large, then the round table may be so large that it is uncomfortable to reach across from one side to the other. In those instances, there is a special style of round kitchen table that has a large Lazy Susan in the center that you can rotate around three hundred and sixty degrees.

Other Kitchen Furniture

If you have a relatively small family but a very large kitchen nook space, then you might consider other kinds of kitchen nook furniture rather than extra large kitchen nook sets to fill the space. There are several varieties of furniture that you can put in the breakfast kitchen nook that are convenient and stylish.

The first is a pantry cabinet. Some kitchens are designed with a pantry cabinet built into the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, but many are not. Most homeowners need to use a separate, stand alone pantry cabinet. Since the kitchen is usually wall to wall cabinets, there is rarely any room in there. The kitchen nook is still close enough that it is convenient for a cook or homeowner preparing food, but it is considered part of the kitchen nook furniture so it doesn’t have to match the kitchen cabinets exactly. These kitchen nook cabinets are usually just inside the boundary of the kitchen nook and slightly separated from the rest of the kitchen cabinets. It works especially well if you have a corner nook kitchen table because it balances things out to have other pieces of furniture along the third wall.

Another common type of kitchen nook furniture is a console table. Console tables are tables with four thin legs that are meant to sit against a wall or large piece of furniture. They are usually very slight pieces of furniture and they are perfect for the kitchen nook because they do not take up much space and you can use the surface to display pictures or place your house plants. Kitchen breakfast nooks have lots of natural light so it makes sense that you would want to take advantage of it for your houseplants. The perfect kitchen nook console table will be short enough to fit under the window sill.

Decorating the Kitchen Nook

Because the kitchen nook is filled with so much furniture, it may seem at first like there are not many decorating opportunities. However, by using the furniture and the elements of the room that make it a kitchen nook like the windows, you can make many decorating choices that will make this room a very comfortable one in your home.

The kitchen nook set is the largest thing in the room so it should be the focal point of your decorating strategy. You can use the difference elements of the kitchen nook furniture set to your advantage. For example, corner kitchen nooks have large benches with high backs and the kitchen nook corner bench is an excellent opportunity to add color and texture to the room. You can pick upholstery in almost any material that you like and therefore change the color and texture. In addition, you can add throw pillows to the L-shaped bench for contrasting colors and themes.

But you do not have to have a corner kitchen nook set to use the seating arrangements for decoration. Any kitchen nook bench or kitchen chairs can have cushions on the seats that have the same effect as upholstery. In fact kitchen nook cushions may be even better because you can purchase cushions with cushion covers that are changeable. That way, you can change the look for your kitchen nook easily.

There are other ways to decorate your kitchen besides kitchen nook cushions and kitchen nook bench upholstery. You can use the window treatments to add color and lines to them room as well. Window valances, specifically are a great addition to the kitchen nook because you can install them at a height equal to the kitchen cabinets so there is a continuous line for the eye to follow from one room to another. Window valances come in many shapes and styles so you will definitely be able to find one that matches the décor in the rest of your kitchen and kitchen nook.

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