Dining Nook with Storage

If your kitchen is anything like mine, you are always looking for ways to stay better organized and more clutter free. Your counters and cabinets get crowded with so much stuff that it is difficult to find what you need. One great solution is a dining nook with storage. The extra storage space you find in a dining nook and especially a corner dining nook set is perfect for many different varieties of things that normally clutter up your kitchen cabinets and counters.

There are actually a few different ways that a dining nook can offer storage, but the most common form of dining nook storage is under the seat storage. A dining nook with storage under the bench seats offers large chest like storage compartments that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. Some homeowner use the extra space to store small kitchen appliances that they want to have close by if they need them, but that they do not use frequently. Normally these appliances would be stored on the counter or in the cabinets where they take up a lot of room you do not have. An alternative is to store them on storage shelves in the garage but here they might get dirty and you will have to wash them before every use. Dining nook storage is the perfect solution.

Other homeowners use the dining nook with bench storage to store table and kitchen linens. Tablecloths, napkins, placemats, dish towels, etc. all take up a tremendous amount of room in kitchen drawers and hall closet storage is just not convenient. That is why the deep storage areas in your dining nook are great. They are very close to where you will use most of the linens and the storage area is large enough that you do not have to worry about stuffing things in and getting them wrinkled. You could also use the storage space to store things such as art supplies, school supplies, or board games so that there are plenty of things to entertain your children while you prepare meals. A fourth option might be to store large food containers like the things you buy at discount bulk stores in the dining nook with storage because the containers are often too large to fit into cabinets. Most likely, every homeowner will use their dining nook with storage for some combination of these choices.

A second way you might find storage in the dining nook is with cabinets that pull out of the bench backs. A thin cabinet can fit into the space between the wall and the back of your bench that pulls out to reveal a spice rack or magazine storage rack. These small storage spaces may not seem like much, but if the dining nook is convenient to your cooking area, then moving the spices to this area could save you one or more shelves of space in a regular kitchen cabinet. Having reading materials at hand could be nice for guests who are waiting for a meal to be prepared.

A third kind of dining nook storage is drawers in the dining nook table. A dining nook table with storage will have small drawers in the sides that are only large enough for some school supplies or magazines. However, if you use the table storage for those items that frees up more room in your bench storage for larger kitchen items like appliances or food stores.

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