Round Kitchen Table

The most common shape of a breakfast nook table is rectangular. However, there are many breakfast nook areas that are not rectangular in shape. Instead, they might be square, round, oval, or octagonal shaped. That means that there is a market for square or round kitchen tables. Round kitchen tables are probably the second most common shape because they work in almost any shaped room except rectangular or square. There are countless styles and materials for round kitchen tables as you can see from th selection below.

When You Should Use a Round Kitchen Table

The breakfast nook gets its name because it is often a small nook or small extension off the side or back of a kitchen. In order for the outside of the house to look aesthetically pleasing, you can’t have that nook just be a square or rectangle sticking out in the middle of the house. Therefore, house builders and designers shape breakfast nooks so that the outside edge is either a half circle, a half octagon, or in the corner of the house in order to solve this problem. Those roundish nook areas lend themselves quite well to round tables as you can see in the picture to the right. The other type of breakfast nook that is suited very well for a small round kitchen table is a small breakfast nook or a kitchen with no separate nook at all and just a little extra room at one end. Small tables work best if they are round because they take up the least amount of square footage but still seat two people comfortably.

An Interesting Benefit of a Round Kitchen Table

An interesting feature you will find in some round kitchen tables is the ability to add leaves to make the table larger. Of course, it is no longer round, but instead an oval or more rectangular shape. This might be something common in a large kitchen where you have room for a big breakfast nook set, but a very small family. It would be silly to have a table for eight set up every day when only two of you use it. The cozier atmosphere created by making the table round and fit for four is better for everyday use. However, when you entertain, you can make the round table larger to accommodate more people.

Pub Tables can be Round Kitchen Tables

Round tables come in all sizes and heights, just like any other breakfast nook furniture. You might find a round kitchen table and chairs at a normal table height of thirty six inches or so as well as in a high top configuration. A high top table is one where the table top is at your waste or higher when you are standing. Instead of chairs, you will find stools surrounding it. These tables are great if you entertain because they encourage mingling and conversation. They do this because whether people are sitting or standing around the table, they can talk easily as if they are all on a a level playing field. Most high top round breakfast tables are smaller and meant for between two and four people. Because they are similar to the tables you might find in a bar or club, these tables are sometimes called pub tables.

What Round Kitchen Tables are Made Of

Just like any other table for the kitchen, a round kitchen table can be made of a wide variety of materials and personalized in several different ways. I think the most popular material for kitchen tables is wood. There is no exception for most round kitchen tables with this assessment. For tables that seat four or more people, you will find that they are mostly made of wood and stained or painted a variety of colors. However, for small round kitchen tables that seat only two to four, the most popular materials of construction are not wood. Metal and glass are far more prevalent with these small tables. A round glass kitchen table would work very well in a modern kitchen because the glass will help contribute to the open feel of the room and the simple lines because the shape of the table will be less noticeable. A very popular small round kitchen table is one reminiscent of an outdoor café and made of some kind of metal and painted black. There are typically chairs to match made out of the same rod iron like material.

Refurbishing Your Round Kitchen Table

A nice advantage of round kitchen tables is that when you want to refinish or replace the round table, you only have to worry about the table top. Typically a round table sits on a single table leg in the center and it is quite easy to detach the top from this one point. In contrast, rectangular tables will have four points of contact and will be much harder to take apart. If you want to give all your kitchen furniture a new look, all you have to do is take of the round table top and give it a fresh look. You can refinish the wood surface, add a tile mosaic, or change the material entirely. For example, you could replace a wooden or metal table top with a glass one.

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