Breakfast Nook Set

There are several important factors to consider when you are picking out the breakfast nook set for your kitchen. Not only do you need to pay attention to the dimensions and configuration of the room that will be housing the furniture, but also to the décor and style of the neighboring rooms, most importantly the kitchen. You will also want to consider the size and age of your family. Younger family members might be comfortable where older ones may not. Finally, you need to think about how much room you have in your kitchen for storage. The breakfast nook can come in handy if you are short on storage if you make the right decisions about the type of breakfast nook dining set you purchase.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when choosing between breakfast nook sets is the shape and size of the room. The shape will determine the shape of your table and the size will limit the size of the breakfast nook table set. If your nook is just an extension of the kitchen and is rectangular or square, then a rectangular or square table would be most appropriate. However, some breakfast nooks are extensions of the kitchen but extend out into a half octagon. With this shape room you want to look into a round kitchen table. Once the shape is determined, you can turn to size. Measure the dimensions of your room carefully. Then, subtract three feet from each dimension to determine the maximum dimensions for your kitchen table. For example, if your room measures ten by eight, then the largest table you can accommodate is seven by five. The three feet is so there will be approximately eighteen inches of clearance between any edge of the table and any wall or divider. You need that space to pull chairs in and out.

Probably the next most important aspect to consider is the style or design of the furniture. This includes materials of construction, carvings, style of chair or bench, etc. If the rest of your home, including the kitchen is a more traditional or country style, then wooden tables and chairs are probably best suited to your decorating tastes. If your traditional décor is more formal then your chairs might have high backs with carvings and the table legs will be ornately shaped. However, if your traditional décor is more like shabby chic then the table and chairs will be plain. If you have a modern furnished home, then furniture made of chrome and leather would fit in better. The furniture in the breakfast nook should match the kitchen as much as possible. It should maintain the same color schemes in the cushions and placemats. If your backsplash has accent tiles of red and blue, chair cushions of the same color will set off the accents well.

Next, you might want to consider the size and age of your family. Large families with lots of small children will want to choose a corner breakfast nook set with plenty of bench seating so that they can accommodate the entire family comfortably. A corner breakfast nook set might not be appropriate for a family consisting entirely of adults because it is harder for them to slide in and out of the corner bench. Children have no problem with this task. Benches can seat more people than chairs. In fact, they sit three people for every two in chairs. In addition, corner benches are not pulled out as chairs are so you can actually fit a larger table in your kitchen nook space than if you use chairs.

On the other hand, if you do a lot of entertaining, then you should have mostly chair seating. People who are not as intimately connected as family members might not feel comfortable sitting next to someone else on a bench because bench seating encourages bodies to touch while chair seating ensures you have a personal protective bubble around you. Chairs are also more formal than benches so they are more appropriate for a room where you plan to entertain guests rather than just gather with your family.

The final consideration when you are picking out breakfast nook furniture is whether you have enough storage space in your kitchen. Most kitchens are always short on storage space and as a result, the counters overflow with appliances and the cabinets are bursting. If you have a breakfast nook set with storage space under the bench seats, you can move all the small kitchen appliances that you do not use every day into storage out of sight. They will still be close by if you want to use them, but they will no longer clutter up your counters and cabinets. Some other things you can store in your breakfast nook benches is extra table linens and large containers of food that would not otherwise fit in your kitchen. Until you have storage in the kitchen furniture set, your only other alternative was to store these things in closets or in the garage. The problem with closets is that things get piled on top of each other and it is hard to reach things. The problem with the garage is that you need to wipe everything down before you use it because of the possible contamination concerns with other things stored in a garage.

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