When it comes to decorating your kitchen or breakfast nook, you need to use items that serve an actual purpose because there is not a lot of room for decorations that sit on a surface or even wall hangings. Things like window valances and lighting not only are utilitarian, but also decorative. Another one of the opportunities that you have is the cushions on your chairs or benches. Cushions are mainly there so that it is more comfortable to sit in the wooden or metal chairs that are typically found in the kitchen. Most homeowners do not have permanently upholstered chairs in the kitchen because they are difficult to clean. Grease and food tend to get on every surface and piece of kitchen furniture, so it is best if everything can be wiped down or washed in the washing machine. Therefore, seat cushions and cushion covers are common.

Where to Use Cushions

There are several different kinds of cushions and places that you will use seat cushions in the breakfast nook or kitchen. The first place you will find cushions is on breakfast nook chairs. Individual chair cushions can come in a few shapes and attach to the chair is a few different ways. Some seat cushions are square. Generally if you choose square seat cushions, the cushion might not cover the seat exactly because there are very few chairs that are an exact square. Most chairs are concave at the back and then extend out in a rectangular shape in the front. Some cushions are shaped to match this conformation exactly. If you decide to go with that kind of seat cushions, then make sure that the size matches your chairs. Your final seat cushions shape is circular. Circular seat cushions should only be used on chairs that are circular.

There are two ways that cushions attach to the chairs they are associated with. The first way is with ties. There are usually two ties at the back of the cushions that you tie to the rungs in the backs of the chairs. Ties seat cushions are very secure and will not fall off as people sit on and stand up from chairs. However, they only work if there is something to tie the cushion on to. The other way that cushions are attached to chairs is with grips on the bottom of the cushion. The grips are meant to be no-slide devices that will keep a cushion from sliding off of the chair. They work find when no one is sitting in the chair, but they do fall off from time to time.

Cushions are also used on breakfast nook benches. Bench cushions are almost exclusively of the grip variety because benches never have places for ties to be attached. Bench cushions will be rectangular without rounded edges. While there are some standard sizes, most bench cushions need to be custom made because the dimensions of bench seats varies widely from one breakfast nook set to another.

You will also find kitchen cushions outside of the breakfast nook. If you kitchen has an island with seating, then the stools at the kitchen island might need cushions. Stool cushions are very similar to seat cushions for the chairs in your breakfast nook. The only additional thing you need to look out for is that when you add the cushion, there is still adequate room to fit your knees under the kitchen island counter.

Cushion Materials

Seat cushions come in a wide variety of materials so there is sure to be something that will meet your needs. There are actually two materials you need to think about when choosing your cushions. First, the fabric of the cushion cover is important, but also the material that is used for the stuffing of your cushions is equally important. You want to make sure that the cushion stuffing is soft enough that the cushion will actually be comfortable, but firm enough that it will provide support.

Cushion covers come in almost any fabric you can imagine. The most common is probably cotton because cushion covers should be made of materials that are washable. It is ideal if the cushion covers can be removed and put in the washing machine. In these cases, you want the stuffing to be one piece rather than loose batting because it will be difficult to get the cushion back to its original shape once you remove loose batting. Another advantage of using cushion covers is that you can have several sets to rotate in different season or for different holidays. The covers for cushions do not take up much room. In fact, you can squeeze them into a small storage compartment in your pantry cabinet or under the seat of your corner breakfast nook with storage.

Where to Buy Cushions

Cushions and cushion covers can be bought in a wide variety of places. You will find a small selection of choices at large department stores like Target, Wal-Mart or Sears. They will probably have a few colors and textures, but your choices will be relatively limited to the most common color schemes. You might find a larger selection and a bed and bath store, but your best option is to try an online retailer like Their online tool allows you to choose the shape of your seat cushion, followed by the thickness, dimensions, fabric, color, and whether or not you want tie backs. Once you have custom designed you cushions, you can order as many as you like.

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