Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your home. It is a place where people gather at all times of the day. Many family rituals and occasions revolve around the food so it only makes sense that the kitchen would be an important room. Because it is so important, you want to make sure that you have the right kitchen furniture. There are many different kinds of kitchen furniture and not all kinds are right for all kitchens. A lot depends on how much room you have. No matter what your circumstances, there is appropriate kitchen furniture set for you and your family.

Breakfast Table

Perhaps the most obvious and popular type of kitchen furniture is the kitchen nook furniture or breakfast nook furniture. The breakfast or kitchen nook is an area off the side of the kitchen where you put a table and chairs. The kitchen table is the most important part of the kitchen nook set because it is likely the largest piece of furniture in the kitchen.

Materials of construction for a kitchen table can be diverse. The most important thing is to follow the design of the rest of the kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is a traditional country kitchen with wooden cabinets, then a wooden kitchen table set would be a good choice. Putting a glass table in a traditional kitchen would not look right. However, a modern kitchen with sleek lines and a two tone color scheme would be the perfect setting for a glass table with metal legs.

Breakfast tables come in all shapes and sizes. You just have to find the one that is right for your kitchen shape and size. For example, if your kitchen nook is the shape of half of an octagon, then a round kitchen table would work really well in order to maximize the use of the space available. However, if your kitchen nook area is just an extension of the rectangular kitchen, the kitchen furniture sets with rectangular tables are the appropriate choice.

Once you have determined the right shape, you need to start measuring to find the right size. You will need approximately eighteen inches of space to pull out a chair and sit down so you need to subtract approximately three feet from the dimensions of breakfast nooks to find the maximum dimensions of your breakfast nook table. The main way to increase these dimensions is to change the seating arrangements form chairs to benches.

Breakfast Nook Seating

There are three options for seating in the kitchen. First, you can use chairs. This is the most traditional form of kitchen seating and is most appropriate if you have a smaller family or you entertain guests often. Bench seating is better for large families with many children or for people who want to fit lots of people at the kitchen table. The reason that bench seating is better for large groups is because you can usually fit more people on a bench than in the chairs that would occupy the same amount of square footage. In addition, benches do not need to be pulled out as far to sit on them so you can have a larger table to begin with.

Another advantage to bench seating is that many breakfast nook benches come with under the seat storage compartments. A breakfast nook set with storage is a great way to increase your kitchen storage space. Every kitchen needs more storage for things like table linens or small kitchen appliances that are not used every day. One of the best solutions to kitchen seating is to use a combination of bench seating and kitchen chairs. That way you can fit more people at the table and your guests will be comfortable in their own chairs.

The third type of kitchen seating is stools. Whether you use your kitchen island as the table or if you have a high top table, stools are great for sitting and eating at higher elevations than the typical kitchen table. Some kitchen stools will have backs and others will not. Just be prepared for the fact that it is difficult to sit on a stool with no back for long periods. Stools and high kitchen tables are great for parties and entertaining because some people can sit and others can stand around the table and everyone can be included in the conversation easily.

Kitchen Island Furniture

If your kitchen is not large enough for a separate kitchen nook set, then you might consider using your kitchen island as an eating surface. Kitchen islands that look like furniture include not only the island itself, but also the kitchen island stools that you can use for seating around the kitchen island. Kitchen islands come in many shapes are sizes so it is important to find the right one for your kitchen space.

Kitchen islands with seating are a unique kind of kitchen island because often the counter top is larger than the cabinets underneath. This is so there is room for your knees when you sit at the counter. In addition, sometimes the edges of the kitchen island bar are higher than the main body of the island so that the surface that you eat off does not run the risk of coming into contact with any unprepared foods.

Portable Kitchen Islands and Kitchen Carts

If you have a very small kitchen that does not even have room for an island, then you might consider a portable kitchen island or what some people call a kitchen cart. Kitchen carts are usually on wheels rather than stationary allowing you to wheel them away from a wall where they are stored and to the center of the kitchen when you are using them. Sometimes the kitchen island arts have a drop leaf that you can put up to make the cart larger for eating meals or preparing food. You might even find some carts with stools stored underneath so you can use them when you want to sit down to a meal.

Storage Shelves, Cabinets, and Sideboards

Another kind of kitchen furniture is not for eating or preparing foods. Instead, they are storage shelves, drawers, and cabinets where people can store extra table linens, food or small kitchen appliances. Other homeowners use the space for displaying pictures or houseplants. The shelved kitchen furniture usually has shelves that are deeper on the bottom than on the top for aesthetic purposes.

One special kind of kitchen storage device is a sideboard. Sideboards are more popular in formal dining rooms, but you can find informal pieces that fit well into kitchen furniture ideas. A sideboard is a thin piece of furniture that sits against the wall. It usually has some drawers and maybe a cabinet or two where people can store china or table linens. Sometimes the sideboards come with a mirror like on a bedroom dresser. The sideboard can be made of a variety of materials and painted or stained any number of ways. Try to make sure that it matches the style and color scheme of the other kitchen furniture as much as possible.

Pantry Cabinets

Some kitchens have walk in pantries and others have pantry cabinets instead. A pantry cabinet is usually about the height of an average person and opens to several shelves where you can store canned and other dry foods. The advantage of a large pantry cabinet over using other kitchen cabinets is that they are often not very deep. That way it is harder to lose cans of food in the back of a cabinet. In addition, you rarely waste space the way you do if you keep your spices or canned goods in other deeper cabinets.

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