Breakfast Nook Seating

When it comes to the seating in your breakfast nook area, there are several criteria that your breakfast nook seating arrangements must meet in order for your choice to be successful. First of all, the seating needs to be numerous enough to accommodate your entire amily plus a few guests. Second, the seating needs to be comfortable. Third, a big bonus is if your seating offers extra storage space. Finally, breakfast nook seating needs to carry on the decorating theme of the rest of the kitchen.

As your children grow they will be inviting more and more friends to dinner and you are going to need room for everyone at the table where you take most of your meals. The breakfast table is not only for breakfast these days. In fact, most families eat almost all of their meals there. In order to spend quality time together, you want the whole family to be able to sit at one table with whatever guests they might bring along. Benches might help you increase the number of people that can fit around your table because you can typically fit one and a half people on a bench that takes up the same amount of room as one chair.

Family time is very important and many families might use the breakfast nook set as a place to gather for family meetings or family game night. Your kids and guests alike will be less likely to run out on you if the seating is comfortable. No matter what the material of construction is for your breakfast nook chairs or benches, chair or bench cushions can make the seating more relaxing. You can buy chair cushions in a variety of colors and patterns to match almost any kitchen. Bench cushions are not quite as popular, but they are available. If you cannot find anything to match the size of your cushion exactly then you can have something custom made.

While this will probably not be available with breakfast nook chairs, breakfast nook benches often come equipped with under the seat storage compartments. You can use this extra storage space for various purposes such as extra table linens, small kitchen appliances, or games and art supplies for family time. No matter what you use it for, extra storage is always welcome in any household. Typically the storage is under the seat and can be accessed by lifting the seat like a lid. However, there are some instances where the storage might be slightly different. For example, I have seen breakfast nook benches with drawers that pull out of the upright back of the bench. These small drawers can be used for magazine racks, spice racks, or anything that can fit into a tight space.

It is important when picking breakfast nook furniture that you stay true to the design and decorating style of the kitchen and the rest of the home. For example, if you have a modern kitchen then it would be completely inappropriate to choose a wooden breakfast nook table with breakfast nook bench seating. The two style just do not match. Instead, you should choose a breakfast nook seating that matches the decorating style. A modern kitchen might mean angular chairs with leather upholstery. A more traditional kitchen might be the perfect opportunity for a corner breakfast nook bench arrangement.

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