Light Fixtures for Breakfast Rooms

Even though most breakfast nook shave lots of windows and natural light is abundant during certain times of the day, you still need some artificial light for when the sun is down or on rainy or cloudy days when the natural sunlight is not enough. Finding the right kind of light fixtures for breakfast rooms is important because you want this room to be comfortable. If the lighting is too harsh or too overpowering, people will not be interested in staying in the breakfast nook for long. There are several different kinds of light fixtures that are appropriate for the breakfast nook.

One type of breakfast nook lighting fixture is the chandelier. A chandelier is defined as a branched decorative light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. By branched, I mean that there are usually two or more arms that bear light. They are often, but do not have to be ornate. Crystal is quite common so that the room is lighted not only by the light bulbs, but also by refracted light. However, there are also plain chandeliers and this is more likely what you will find in the breakfast nook lighting situation. Breakfast nooks are more informal than dining rooms so simple light fixtures are best.

Another type of light fixture that is sometimes classified as a chandelier, but it really is slightly different is the pendant light fixture. This common breakfast nook light fixture is also sometimes called a drop light or suspender. This style has a single light fixture suspended from the ceiling. That fixture can have multiple light bulbs inside it, but there are no arms each with their own light bulb. This light fixture is most popular in the breakfast nook because it is simple and easy to match to any d├ęcor.

A third option for breakfast nook lighting is recessed lighting. If you use recessed lighting in your breakfast nook then you are probably using it in the rest of the kitchen as well. Recessed lighting fixtures are ones that are recessed into the ceiling so only the light bulb is visible. When they are turned on it appears as though light is coming out of a hole in the ceiling. The light bulbs in this style light fixture are often easier to change than in chandeliers or pendant lights. Sometimes you need to remove piece of the chandelier or take the pendant light apart to have access to an old light bulb and change to a new one. Recessed lighting is always exposed and easy to reach. However, it does not have any character or style. You cannot use the light fixture in your breakfast nook as decoration if you use recessed the lighting.

The same holds true for track light, the last breakfast nook lighting possibility. Track lighting is a lighting method where small light fixtures are attached to a track and can be moved to point to light in a particular direction. If you are using track light in the breakfast nook, then you are probably using track lighting in the rest of your kitchen as well. Track lighting is very trendy, but it is probably not as appropriate for the breakfast nook because instead of shedding light on the entire table, the light will be directed on particular chairs and locations. There will always be small areas that are not lit well.