Breakfast Nook Benches

If you have recently been looking for a new breakfast nook set, then you may have been surprised to find that most furniture sets for the kitchen these says include breakfast nook benches instead of chairs, or benches used in combination with chairs. Benches are not just for outdoor seating now, they are quite common in casual breakfast nook furniture sets. There are several reasons that the bench has become an important part of a breakfast table arrangement.

First, benches can accommodate more people than chairs. Generally, you can fit one and a half people in the space taken up by one chair if you have a bench there instead. That means that a bench along the side of a rectangular table that usually has two chair will actually sit three people. If you put benches on both sides, then you get seating for six rather than four. If you have a large family, or you entertain a lot of your children’s friends, then bench seating is probably a good fit for your breakfast nook or eat in kitchen.

Another reason breakfast nook benches are so popular is that they often come with under the seat storage compartments. Every homeowner can use a little bit of extra storage space. It is fantastic when you can get that storage from a piece of furniture that is going to be there already. Kitchen nook benches with storage are great for hiding table linens, small kitchen appliances, art and school supplies, or board games.

If you change your placemats, napkins, and table cloth often then you probably have a large supply of linens and keeping under your breakfast nook bench is the perfect place for them because they are close at hand, but not taking up valuable kitchen storage space.

There are several kitchen gadgets and small appliances that I love having, but that I do not like taking up counter space. Until I got breakfast nook storage benches, the only option was to store these items on a shelf in the garage. When I did that, I needed to clean the appliance before I used it every time. It is much more convenient to just open up the breakfast nook bench and take out the appliance I need. I know they will stay clean and protected in there. Things like my bread maker, rice cooker, pasta maker, ice cream maker, etc. have found their way into this storage place.

If your kids gather around the kitchen table to do homework or play while you are getting dinner ready then it might be a good idea to keep some art supplies and school supplies in the breakfast nook storage area so that the supplies they need are close at hand. Some families also gather in the kitchen for family nights and some board games or cards in the breakfast nook bench are handy to have around. You are much more likely to coax everyone into staying for a game if the supplies are at your finger tips.

Even though there are advantages to breakfast nook benches, there are also some drawbacks. For example, bench seating is typically a little more shallow than what you get with individual chairs. That means that sitting on a bench could be uncomfortable for some people if they need a more substantial seat. In addition, bench seating encourages closeness because there are not clear boundaries for personal space. If you entertain often, then you might want to consider having some chairs so that your guests will be more comfortable.

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