Environmentally Friendly Breakfast Nook Furniture

A new trend in home design and architecture is to use green or environmentally friendly building materials for the home itself and the furniture and appliances inside. If you are interested in building or decorating your home with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials then there are a few options you should consider for your breakfast nook.

First, there is a material made out of recycled paper that is commonly used for countertops. A company called Richlite makes a very durable material out of recycled paper that is treated with an environmentally friendly resin and baked. The resulting product is heat resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. It is just as easy as stone or Formica countertops to clean. Just because this material is generally used for countertops does not mean that you could not get a piece cut for your tabletop. It comes in many different colors and would be a great green addition to your breakfast nook furniture.

There are also tabletop pieces out there made from recycled sugar cane. The waste that is left after they make all the sugar products can be used to make a durable material called bagasse. The bagasse is used as the base for particleboard, which can be used to make furniture. You might also find bagasse tableware, food containers, and paper products.

If you buy wooden breakfast nook furniture, this to can be considered a sustainable material. However, you need to make sure that only the wood from managed forests if possible. You also want to avoid any wood that comes from old growth or rare trees. As long as a forest is carefully managed, we can continue to make furniture out of wood without endangering the ecosystem.

Another way to make sure that you are purchasing green breakfast nook furniture is to look for companies that use green manufacturing techniques. If you visit the web pages for different furniture manufacturers, you will be able to do research into how much effort and emphasis they put on green manufacturing and sustainability in their business. There is even a Green Business Certification available to businesses who are environmentally aware and use practices like water conservation, using recycled materials, reducing waste, and preventing pollution just to name a few.

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