Breakfast Table Stools

There are two instances when someone might use stools in their breakfast nook rather than regular chairs or benches. The first is if you have a small high top breakfast table for two. These chest height tables require a stool and are reminiscent of the seating in a bar. The other reason you might use breakfast table stools is if you have no breakfast nook and use your kitchen island for your eating area. When you lack a breakfast table, you can make your island your table. But you probably will not be able to fit more than three people at the island.

Breakfast table stools come in many different styles and types. You have to think about the height of the stool, whether or not it is adjustable, whether or not it has a back, whether it swivels or is stationary, and what it is made of. All of these attributes are part of your decision making process when picking out counter seating or seating for a high top breakfast table.

Breakfast table stools can be anywhere from eighteen inches to thirty six inches tall. Some are meant for tables while other are meant for counter height. Make sure to measure the height of the breakfast table you are planning to use and leave enough room for someone to sit comfortably under the table. Once you know the right height, you should think about whether you want to be able to adjust that height. If you have children then adjustable breakfast table stools are great because you can make them slightly higher for little people.

The ability to swivel, the height or existence of a back, and the upholstery all factor into the comfort of the stools. If you entertain a lot and people gather at your island or kitchen table then you might want to give them the ability to turn around in a stool so that they can talk to people not sitting at the breakfast table or island. I personally think that backs are almost essential in terms of comfort. Especially if they are sitting up higher than normal, people feel more comfortable if they have something to lean on.

The upholstery will depend on the d├ęcor of the rest of your breakfast nook and kitchen. You want to carry on the decorating themes and use similar fabric and colors that are used elsewhere. Leather is probably the most common fabric used on breakfast table stools, but they can be upholstered in almost anything regular chairs can be, or they can be free of fabric all together. Without the aid of fabric, you will find that the seats of the breakfast table stools are contoured to add comfort.

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