Breakfast Table Set

Everyone knows that you need to buy a breakfast table and chairs for their breakfast nook or kitchen, but what they might not know is that you can often buy all of this furniture in what is called a breakfast table set. The furniture set will come with a table and the seating arrangements for the table. There are advantages and disadvantages to buying you breakfast table and chairs this way.

One of the advantages is that you do not have to worry about matching the table and the chairs because they will already be matched. If you buy these pieces separately, it is unlikely that the stain or paint color will match appropriately. Breakfast nook sets are also a good idea if you do not have much of an eye for decorating. You may know that you want a certain style of chair or you may concentrate on matching colors, but there are many subtleties to matching pieces of furniture. The details like carvings, lines, relative sizes, and much more are important ones.

Another advantage to buying your breakfast nook table as part of a set is that you will be able to compare overall dimensions rather than trying to calculate how much room different pieces that you put together will take up. It makes shopping much simpler. Finally, the breakfast table is a piece of furniture that needs to be durable since it gets used a lot and is abused from time to time. If your table and chairs are part of a set, it will be easier to order replacements than if each piece is a one of a kind or bought at a thrift or second hand store.

Some of the disadvantages of buying your table and chairs as part of a breakfast nook set is that you are locked into the types of seating available. You may have decided that you only want chairs around your breakfast table, but many breakfast table sets come with benches or a combination of benches and chairs. Conversely, if you decide you like the bench seating because now your children are young and do not mind sliding into a booth; but later, when they grow up and move out, you want chairs for you and your guests, then you will be in trouble. Most breakfast nook sets do not come with interchangeable parts if you change your mind later.

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