Breakfast Table Furniture

When you buy your first house, one of the things that you might get that you did not have in an apartment is a breakfast nook. There usually is not room in a small apartment for an eat-in kitchen so you usually just have a small dining area if you have anything. Being able to furnish an actual breakfast nook is an exciting part of moving into your new house. The most important piece of furniture you will buy for your breakfast nook is the breakfast table. Breakfast table furniture is usually casual, functional, easy to clean, and bright.

Because the kitchen is usually for informal meals, you will find that the breakfast table furniture is less formal than the table for your dining room. For example, simple wooden tabletops made of oak or other light wood veneers are more common than ornately carved real hardwood tables made of teak or cherry. The dining room table is usually heavier and darker. Breakfast nooks typically have many windows and lots of natural light. Therefore, the furniture that fills the space needs to be light and uplifting. Many breakfast furniture pieces are painted white or stained in light colors. The light colors and the lack of ornamentation lead to more casual furniture sets.

One very important characteristic of breakfast tables is that they must be easy to clean, especially if you have children. No matter how well behaved they are, kids will spill and make messes. For that matter, so will adults given enough time. It is not common to use tablecloths in the kitchen because you want to perpetuate that light and airy feel so it is much easier to spill liquids or food directly on the table. You need to be able to clean these spills easily without needing special cleaners or wood treatment chemicals. A sponge should be enough. That is why tile tabletops, glass tabletops, and plastic tabletops are common.

One last attribute that is important to breakfast table furniture is the fact that it must be functional and easy to use. The table cannot be so big that it is hard to pull out the chairs and sit down since there is not enough room between the table and the wall. However, the table has to be large enough to accommodate your entire family. That is why you will find breakfast nook benches with many breakfast nook table sets. Benches will seat more people and do not take up as much room as chairs that have to be pulled in and out.

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