Breakfast Nook Furniture

When some people talk about a breakfast nook, they think about the room that extends off the end of the kitchen. Others think about the furniture that fills that room. This discussion will be about breakfast nook furniture. What pieces of furniture are appropriate for the breakfast nook? What are the differences between breakfast nook furniture sets and dining room furniture sets? How do you know what breakfast nook furniture is right for your kitchen? These questions and others will be answered.

Breakfast nook furniture usually consists of a table and chairs. There are lots of possibilities for both, but let’s discuss the tables first. Most breakfast tables are rectangular. The dimensions can vary but most are between 34 and 48 inches wide and 50 to 65 inches long. The typical table height is between 29 and 34 inches. Most rectangular tables have legs at all four corners. Typically the legs are connected by a trestle at each end of the table to provide extra support. There are also square or round breakfast tables. A typical size for a square or round kitchen table is 42 inches by 42 inches for a square or a 42 inch diameter for a circle. These tables, unlike rectangular ones, usually have one center leg to support the entire table. It is common for the leg to have a tripod or four prong bottom for extra support.

Breakfast tables are made of many different types of materials. Wood is probably the most common, but by no means is it the only material readily available. If you do have a wooden breakfast table, then chances are it is distressed wood. Since most breakfast nooks are less formal than dining rooms, you often find distressed wood that looks more casual. To distress the wood of a table, the edges are darkened and flattened. The corners are usually rounded so there are no sharp edges. Other than wood, you might find glass, ceramic tile, metal, plastic, Formica, or cork used as materials of construction for your breakfast table.

No matter what your table is made out of, it should be large enough to accommodate your entire family and perhaps a few guests. Try to use as much of the space as possible. There are a few ways to create extra space or make the most of the space you have available using different seating options.

The most common seating option for kitchen furniture is chairs. Chairs are probably most appropriate if you have a smaller family and only need to accommodate four to six people at any one time. Chairs can come in any of the same materials that the breakfast tables come in. Most likely the materials will match the material of the table. For example, if you have a wooden table then wooden chairs would be most appropriate. The matching could be less subtle, as well. For example, you might have a table with chrome legs and chairs with a leather upholstery and chrome trim.

benches are common items in breakfast room furniture

The seating option that provides the biggest capacity for sitting and one that is very popular in breakfast nook sets is benches. You can have separate benches for each side of the table or L-shaped benches that wrap around two sides. It is quite common for the benches to have high backs. The high backs can fit into a corner with a corner breakfast nook set or they could offer a way to separate the breakfast nook area from the rest of the kitchen. Most breakfast nook benches have cushions and are quite comfortable. Another plus is that many come equipped with under the seat storage. A breakfast nook with storage is a welcome addition to any kitchen.

One final seating option is stools. These are not appropriate if you have small children because they are much easier to tip over and do not provide as stable a base. They also do not work well unless you have a higher table. High top tables are usually only made for two to three people, so if you have a large family then a breakfast nook table with stools is probably out of the question.

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