Leather Breakfast Nook Furniture

Many people equate leather furniture with quality and elegance. Leather is a symbol of wealth and status. So, it is natural to think that there would be leather breakfast nook sets out there. People want to show their success in any way the can. In addition, if you have leather furniture in other rooms of your home, you will want to carry that decorating theme into the kitchen as well. If you decide to go with leather breakfast nook furniture then there are a few things you need to remember or keep in mind.

leather dining set

First, leather might not be the most appropriate choice if you have pets or children. Both animals and kids are hard on furniture. The claws of cats and dogs will make marks on your furniture and can tear leather. Children climb on everything. Shoe marks and scuffs are a way of life with kids so they will be just as rough on the rather delicate leather material in you breakfast nook. In addition, kids are messy eaters. You will most certainly have food and drink spilled on your seats and it is hard to clean leather.

You need special cleaners and special tools like cloths and brushes to properly clean your leather. In addition, you need to treat it with coatings and protectors often. If your kids are constantly spilling things on the leather or scuffing it up with shoes or fingernails, then it might start to get hard to keep ahead of things. Your beautiful leather furniture will fall into disrepair and it will not have been worth it to buy the expensive furniture in the first place.

Leather should not be in direct sunlight if at all possible. So if your breakfast nook has many windows and you enjoy the sunlight then leather furniture might not be a good choice for you. If leather is exposed to direct sunlight for too long it will start to crack and dry out.

But there are households where leather breakfast nook furniture is completely appropriate. Adults with no children whose homes are not in the direct view of the rising or setting sun are good candidates. Leather is soft and probably one of the most comfortable fabrics to sit in. It gets even softer over time if properly taken care of. In addition, people do think more of furniture that is made out of leather. Your success will be evident to everyone.

If you like the look of leather but do not want to spend the money for the real thing, or if you have kids and do not want to waste good leather furniture while they are still young, then you might try one of the many leather alternatives. You can buy imitation leather products under several brand names. Essentially, they are a combination of leather and a polymer, most likely vinyl. The added polymer gives the fabric strength and durability but it takes away some of the softness. You can also get vinyl furniture. Vinyl is definitely harder than leather and instead of getting softer with age like leather, it tends to get harder and look more and more like plastic. The imitation leather breakfast nook furniture will not last as long, but it will give you that leather look at a fraction of the cost.

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