Breakfast Table and Chairs

I have often wondered why the breakfast nook is named as such. Why is the furniture in that area referred to as the breakfast table and chairs when most families eat almost all of their meals there? The truth is that this was not always the case. There was a time when families actually sat down at the dinner table in the dining room every night for dinner. Breakfast was something that was grabbed quickly and not necessarily all at once. Supper was a more formal affair than it is today. In modern times, kids have practices and lessons at all hours and it is hard for most families to find the time to sit down to a long dinner. Instead, we quickly fill our plates in the kitchen and sit down at the closest table, which happen to be the breakfast table. As our lives have evolved into a faster pace, we eat more meals in the kitchen and as a result, the breakfast nook furniture available today is massive compared to what was available even a few decades ago.

There are breakfast nook tables made of almost every material you can think of. You can find kitchen tables made of solid wood, a combination of metal and glass, wood with ceramic tile on top, and even plastic. You can find a breakfast nook set to match any kitchen d├ęcor. For example, I saw a television show once where the designers redid a kitchen in a Spanish theme. The table was mostly made of wood, but they added a punched metal apron to the sides to tie in with the punched metal in the cabinet doors. In addition to the materials available, you can find breakfast tables in almost any shape or size. It used to be that all kitchen tables were small and round but that is definitely not the case anymore. You can find tables that are round, square, rectangular, octagonal, hexagonal, or an unusual shape to fit specifically in an odd sized breakfast nook. There are some breakfast nook tables that only seat two and there are ones that are designed for large families and seat up to fourteen. Whatever you needs, there is a breakfast nook table for you.

As varied as the table choices are, the chairs for breakfast nook seating are even more varied. Of course, most people want to chairs to match the table and buy them as a set. However, it does not have to be that way. Many people find an older distressed table and then mix and match funky chairs that they find in yard sales and second hand stores to create an eclectic and fun room. In addition to the material and design of the chair, there are other choices that you have to make. For example, will the chairs be upholstered, use breakfast nook cushions, or have no padding? The material of the upholstery or cushions is also important. If you do not have any children to worry about then you might consider leather or suede upholstery to give your breakfast nook a more formal feel so you will feel comfortable inviting guests in there to share a meal. Another decision to be made is whether you will have chairs, bench seating, or a combination of both. Benches are good if you are trying to fit a large number of people at the table because you can fit more people on benches. In addition, benches usually come with under the seat storage compartments that are handy for any homeowner. However, benches can be uncomfortable for your guests who do not want to sit too close to others or for larger individuals who do not like sliding in and out of booths. That is why a combination usually works best.

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