Breakfast Nook Bench

Benches are not typically a type of seating you see inside the home. It is common to see them outside with picnic tables and deck furniture, but they are usually thought of as too informal for inside the home. However, there is one room where bench seating has become almost the norm. It is very common to see benches in the breakfast nook or eat in kitchen area. There are many advantages to using this type of breakfast nook seating.

First, a breakfast nook bench often comes with extra storage space. I think you would be hard pressed to find a homeowner who does not need more storage areas. There never seems to be enough room, especially in the kitchen to store all of the things that a person needs close by. The result is that you cabinets get cluttered and your counter tops get crowded. Some of the things that you might want to store in your breakfast nook bench storage are table linens, kitchen linens, small kitchen appliances, extra or special china, art supplies for the kids, board games, and much more.

I have table cloths and placemats for every season and holiday. As you can imagine, they take up a lot of room. I used to store them in a bin in my basement, but it was inconvenient to go down and get them when I wanted to change the look of my breakfast nook. Now, with these items stored right under the seats, I can easily change my d├ęcor any time I please. I also keep extra kitchen towels, oven mits, and pot holders in my corner breakfast nook seats.

Another reason that benches have become more popular in the breakfast nook is because people want to be able to seat more people in a limited amount of space. A general rule of thumb is that you can fit one and a half people in the same amount of space that one chair will take up if you use bench seating. That means that instead of two chairs along the long side of a table, you can have a bench and seat three people. As people tend to spend more of their time in the kitchen for meals and less time in the dining room, the need for more seats gets greater.

Along the same lines, if you purchase a corner breakfast nook set, you will be able to fit a larger table and have more seating in your breakfast nook than you might otherwise have had. Corner sets are usually equipped with an L-shaped bench that fits into the corner. Yes, you will have to slide in and out of the bench or booth, but you will be able to fit more people around the table for meals.

Even though some people consider a bench too informal for inside the home, you can find more space for people to sit, the ability to have a larger table, and extra storage space if you decide to go with breakfast nook benches.

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