Soho Delfino Breakfast Nook Set Review

I have found that there is one breakfast nook set out there that is very popular and can be bought from various sources online. This article will give you a good review of this product and let you know whether it is an appropriate furniture set to purchase for your kitchen. That breakfast nook set is the Soho Delfino. The Soho Delfino breakfast nook set consists of a table and seating for eight people. There are two chairs and a wrap around corner bench made up of three pieces: a two seat bench, a corner bench piece, and a three seat bench. The two chairs sit opposite the longer part of the wrap around bench.

The first positive that I see is the combination of chairs and benches. The benches allow more people to sit than would be able to if you had only chairs. In addition, the benches have under the seat storage and it is very convenient to have extra storage close to the kitchen table for table linens and other kitchen linens. On the other hand, the chairs are very nice because they are more comfortable for some people to sit in. Not everyone one likes sliding in and out of a long booth or bench.

Another positive for the Soho Delfino is the materials of construction. These high quality materials will last a long time and look good too. Chrome legs support the black tabletop. The chrome is carried over into the legs of the chairs and benches as well. The final place that you see the chrome is in bars that create open space between the bench seats and the bench backs. I like this touch because when the bench seats and bench backs are continuous, it reminds me of diner booths. The chrome separators provide a much more modern look. The fabric on the benches and chairs is a velvety microfiber that comes in five different colors: red, black, beige, eggplant, and Moroccan brown. Microfibers are known for their durability and softness.

The one down side of this breakfast nook furniture set is perhaps the cost. It is one of the more expensive sets that I have come across. I have seen it advertised for around $1,279. This might be a lot of money for someone to spend on kitchen furniture, but I think it is worth it. The furniture is of good quality and should last a long time. The modern look is a plus considering you are getting seating for eight. Usually larger breakfast nook sets are more country themed. It is hard to find modern looking furniture for a large family.

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