How to Choose a Breakfast Nook Set

A common trend in how people use their homes is the abandoning of the dining room in favor of the breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen. It is a time saver to have your family fill their own plates in the kitchen and then sit down at the kitchen table. The alternative is to use multiple serving dishes and carry everything to the dining room where it will just have to e cleaned up later. Because of this trend, there is an entire class of furniture that has hit the market called the breakfast nook set. A breakfast nook set usually consists of a table and seating that can be chairs, benches, or some combination thereof. No matter what your style is and how your home is decorated, you can find the perfect breakfast nook set for your home.

When picking out breakfast nook furniture, I like to think about the table first. It is the largest piece of furniture and it will be the biggest presence in the room. In order to utilize your breakfast nook space to the best of its ability, you want to get a table as large as possible. A good rule of thumb is to measure the dimensions of the breakfast nook and then subtract three feet from all sides. That is how big your table can be. The three feet is so that you can leave room for people to pull out chairs and sit down. Another aspect of the table to consider is the style and materials of construction. Whatever the decorating theme of your kitchen is will most likely dictate this point. If you have a modern kitchen with black countertops and glass door cabinets, a wooden table just would not look right. Something with glass or metal might work better. Remember to keep the theme going and you should be fine. The last characteristic of the table to consider is the table height. Table height can range from normal to what we call a high top. High top table require stools rather than chairs or benches. The type of breakfast nook that would be well suited to a high top table is one where you only have room for a table for two. Then, the high table is reminiscent of a café or bar.

Once you have decided on the table, the next step is to pick what you are going to sit on. As I said above, most breakfast nook sets are either chairs, benches, or a combination of the two. However, some will use stools if the situation is right. You want to balance the number of people you can sit at your table with the comfort of those individuals. Benches will allow for more seating, but they are not as comfortable as chairs. Another thing to consider is the style of the table you have chosen. You want to make sure that the style of the table lends itself well to benches or chairs. Modern looking tables do not go well with benches and high top tables do not go well with benches or chairs. One thing to keep in mind about benches is that they often come with extra under the seat storage space. Extra storage is a very good selling point, but you have to make sure it looks good too.

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