Santa Fe Breakfast Nook Set Review

If you are looking for a more traditional and rustic look for your breakfast nook furniture, then you might be interested in the Santa Fe breakfast nook set. The materials of construction and the overall design of the kitchen furniture pieces mean that this set is better suited to a masculine, country themed kitchen.

Santa Fe Breakfast Nook

The Santa Fe breakfast nook set is the perfect solution for a family that needs a lot of seating, but has limited space. This set consists of a table and seating for eight to nine people. The seating is a combination of benches. There is a three seat bench with no back running down one side of the table. Then, there is an L-shaped bench that wraps around two of the other sides. The L-shaped bench is made up of a corner piece, a two seat bench, and a three seat bench. There are no chairs, so if you and your family are not comfortable in booths and on benches then this set is not for you. Keep in mind that not only do the benches mean you can fit more people at the table, they also mean extra storage space. There is under the seat storage in the L-shaped bench where you can keep anything that you need to.

This breakfast nooks set is made of distressed poplar wood. The combination of the distressed stylizing and the dark stain give the Santa Fe breakfast nook set a very earthy and country feel. One way that this manufacturer has elected to keep costs down is by combining solid poplar with poplar veneer. You cannot tell the difference from the outside, but the veneer lowers the cost significantly. The other material of construction used in this furniture is slate tiles. There is a row of inlaid slate tiles along the back of the L-shaped bench. These tiles are sealed into place and give the furniture a touch of color and character. The wide variety of colors and patterns in the tile make every version of the Santa Fe breakfast nook original.

One clever feature of this furniture set is the drop leaf that fits between the wall and the corner part of the L-shaped bench. The drop leaf provides a little shelf above head level where most people put some flowers, pictures, or other decorations. Yet another good feature is the fact that the set is reversible. You can put this furniture in any corner and make it work.

The cost of the Santa Fe breakfast nook set can be anywhere from $789 to $1,035 depending on where you shop. All in all , I think it is a great value for the money.

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