1950s Style Breakfast Nook Sets

Some individuals like to decorate each room in their home with a theme and a popular one is the 1950s style breakfast nook. Since the breakfast nook is such a small room, there really is not a lot of opportunity to make an interior design statement. Therefore, you need to make the statement big with the few pieces of furniture and design elements that you have. In addition to the furniture, you can change the material of the floor, the wall coverings, or curtains to evoke the 1950s kitchen.

Furniture is the easiest way to get your 50s style breakfast nook. One of the most popular choices is the diner table with booths. When you think of a diner table then you probably think of a Formica table with an aluminum edge. Most likely, it will be rectangular with one center base rather than four legs in the corners. You can find tables like this in many specialty furniture stores. One great place to look is at yard sales and estate sales where people will be selling old furniture from their homes. These are very authentic. The most common seating choice for the diner table is vinyl booths. Red and black are popular colors. The vinyl is usually durable and very easy to clean. I have seen very nice sets that have a three-piece booth that fits in the corner with a high back. It is constructed of a short piece, a corner piece that is at a 45-degree angle with the other pieces, and a long piece. The high back sits against the walls. The other long side is usually a bench with no back or chairs. Most 1950s breakfast nook sets do not put seating at both of the small ends of the table so that it is more reminiscent of a Diner booth. If you do not use booths for seating, another option is aluminum chairs with vinyl seats. These chairs are usually bright colors like red or pastel colors like pink, green, or yellow.

A second option that is very retro is the high table with backless counter stools. Most 1950s soda shoppes or diners had counters where people could sit to eat. You can recreate that feeling by choosing a tall table with the stools around it or using your kitchen island as a counter. The stools are usually aluminum or some other metal and the seats are usually vinyl. Sometimes, the stool will swivel. This is also very authentic.

In addition to the furniture, there are other touches that you can make to make your retro kitchen and breakfast nook more genuine. Laminate floors were very popular back then. They are considered a little low brow these days, but if you really want your space to feel like a different time then it just would not be right to have wood or tile floors. Another trendy style in the 50s was wood paneling on the walls. Many times the wood paneling would go half way or three quarters of the way up the wall and the rest of the wall would be covered in very garish wallpaper or painted a pastel yellow or burnt orange. People were not afraid to use color when decorating in the 1950s. Curtains are more appropriate than blinds because they were more in style then. The small details are what make the difference between a cute imitation and a real retro room.

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