Breakfast Nook Sets

Buying a breakfast nook set is a great way to have nice looking furniture without the hassle of purchasing each piece of furniture one at a time.

There is a style or technique of home decoration that goes something along these lines. You’re out shopping for a new couch for your living room when you see a dining table that would work really well in your breakfast nook. So you buy it. Sometime later, your sister has just updated her dining room furniture and offers to give you the chairs from her old set. Now you add a “new” set of chairs to the table you bought awhile back. Then one day you’re out antiquing and you spot an antique farm house bench that would just complete all the furniture in your breakfast nook. You have a new table, newish chairs from a completely different dining set, and now an antique bench. Nothing “matches,” but everything goes great together. Buying a breakfast nook table set is sort of the opposite of that, except for the everything goes great together part.

I like buying sets of furniture and I also appreciate the look that buying furniture piecemeal can bring to a home. I think the mildly obsessive compulsive aspects of my personality lead me to prefer matching sets of furniture. In fact, I can remember getting in deep trouble with my mother when I was young because I complained that the silverware she was serving for dinner didn’t match. She still reminds me of that to this day. Back to the topic at hand.

A kitchen breakfast nook set generally will have a table, a single bench without a back, and an “L” shaped bench with a high back. When a manufacturer uses the term nook, they are frequently referring to the L shaped bench part of breakfast nook dining sets. The corner shape and back are remarkably good at giving the feeling that your new breakfast corner nook set is a separate and distinct part of the house. As the name implies, you’re assured that all the pieces in your set will match. This definitely takes all the guess work out of making sure disparate pieces of furniture go together.

Prices for complete breakfast nook sets range from $300 (or less depending on quality) and go all the way up to $2000 before any delivery fees. A good value price point falls between $1000 and $1200. I’m always trying to maximize space so I tend to favor benches with built in storage compartments. These compartments are great for storing board games, toys, or art supplies. You will be surprised how much you can pack into a breakfast nook set with storage. I would not expect to pay a premium for storage functionality.

Here are a couple of breakfast nook sets that I think are a good value.

The Santa Fe Breakfast nook set comes with a corner bench with backrest, a rectangular table, and backless straight bench. This set will comfortably seat four or five adults. The contoured and smooth design plus the rich dark brown finish really give the furniture a Southwestern feel. However, the thing that makes this collection unique is the “variegated” slate inlay on the backrest of the L shaped bench. Unfortunately, the Santa Fe lacks any kind of built-in storage. All in all, this is a sharp looking set is well worth the roughly $1100 purchase price.

The Soho Delfino breakfast nook set comes with a rectangular table, two chair, two backed benches, and corner piece that connects the benches. This set features a modern design with chrome metal finish on the legs of each piece. The chairs and benches have padded cushions with stain-resistant microfiber covers. Each bench has a lift up seat that reveals a shallow storage compartment. The Soho comes in a number of colors. This collection won’t disappoint if you’re in the market for a black breakfast nook set. The microfiber cushion covers aren’t suitable as a substitute for leather, so if you have your heart set on a leather breakfast nook set, look else where.

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