What furniture should I put in my breakfast nook?

Breakfast nook furniture generally consists of a table and chairs, but sometimes people have a large enough space to add other pieces of furniture. Examples of other furniture include small tables for plants or knick knacks, potted plants, floor lamps, or additional seating. No matter what furniture you chose to have, make sure that you are using the space so that you can seat as many people as you can or as many as you need.

When choosing the table and chairs for your breakfast nook there are many things to consider. First of all, you need to decide on the style of the table. Many eat-in kitchens have a country theme and the homeowner decides to have a wooden table with a combination of chairs and benches. If the rest of your house is more modern in decorating style, then you should carry that theme into your breakfast nook with perhaps a glass and metal table and chairs. In addition to the style you need to decide how large the table will be. You want to have a table that will seat enough people to accommodate your entire family and maybe even some company if that is common in your household. In general you will choose the largest table that will fit in the space provided.

If you are a small family of two and do your entertaining elsewhere in your home, then you might want to choose a smaller table and then fill your breakfast nook with other furniture. For example, my mother has a small table under one widow that is only ten inches wide but holds a variety of plants and herbs that do well in sunlight. The table doesn’t take up much room because it is so thin, and it has a few drawers to hold placemats and napkins within easy reach of the table.

There are several small things you can put in your breakfast nook that do not take up much room but do a lot to decorate and liven up the space. If there is no overhead lighting available then you might decide to put a floor lamp in one or more corners to shed light on the table during evening hours. Another piece of decoration that works well in corners and does not take up much room is a large potted plant.

Whatever furniture you decide to put in your breakfast nook, remember to keep decorating themes consistent with the rest of your home and to utilize the space properly. You can do a lot with a small space by choosing the right furniture and accessories.

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