Cushions for Your Breakfast Nook Seating

Most people spend a lot of time in their eat-in kitchens or morning rooms so breakfast nook cushions for chairs and benches can make that time more comfortable. Also cushions can brighten a room while enhancing the overall decorating motif.

Breakfast nook tables are a gathering place for eating meals, playing games, doing homework or paying bills, family talks, and visiting with guests. You want to make sure that your seating arrangements are comfortable so that people will not feel the need to move or get up prematurely. Seat pads can help make almost any type of seat more comfortable. They have cushions for individual chairs that are round, square, or oval depending on the shape of the seat. They also have cushions for benches. Sometimes bench pads will need to be special ordered because your bench might not be of a typical size. There are other benefits to using seat cushions other than making the seat more comfortable.

The cushions can be a fantastic decorating element in your morning room. They are the perfect opportunity to add a touch of color to the room. The table and chairs will most likely be wood, glass, or metal so there will not be much color there. The cushions can be solid colors or patterns and play off the color scheme in your kitchen or even other rooms in your home. You can choose very plush cushions for a homey feel or cushions that are thinner for a more streamlined look. Your seat padding does not have to be the same year round. You can change them depending on the season or certain holidays. For the past few years, I use dark red cushions with a velour finish during the fall and winter and then I switch to a light orange linen covered cushion in the spring and summer. If you’re in doubt about making sure everything goes well together, you can buy a breakfast nook set that comes with cushions.

Another reason that you might want to use cushions on your breakfast nook seats is that they help to protect the chairs. Especially if you have children, chairs can become worn and marked up with time. Kids sit on their knees and their shoes are scratching the seat with every movement. Every time you have to clean the surface of your chair with a harsh cleaner to clear away food that your children might have spilled there, you tarnish the surface a bit. If you use cushions the seats or benches will be protected from the worst of the scratching and falling food. If you want to maximize this benefit be sure to get cushions that are washable so that it is easy to clean them up. No matter what your motivation, breakfast nook cushions are a nice addition to any kitchen.

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