Breakfast Nook for Summer

As summer gets into full swing, you might be thinking about how to best use your breakfast nook during this season. Rooms like the morning room that have many windows are great places to enjoy the splendor of summer. There are several reasons that you can enjoy and utilize this room more during the warmer months.

Lots of sun and beautiful scenery make the experience of eating or sitting in your breakfast nook much nicer. While light gets into a room full of windows any time of the year, the spring and summer offer a unique period of extended daylight and lush scenery. Your breakfast nook is likely to have sunlight pouring in for more hours during the summer because of the length of the day. One nice side effect is that the sun rises earlier and sets later in the summer and you are likely to avoid sunlight directly in your eyes when you are eating breakfast or dinner. This makes mealtime much nicer. In addition, in the summer, the grass is green and flowers, bushes, and trees are blooming so the scenery is much nicer than the bleakness of winter. If you do not have a yard to look out onto, then you are more likely to see people out and about and more things going on outdoors during the summer, which is nice for people watching and entertainment.

In addition to the increased daylight and more enjoyable scenery, there are other advantages of the breakfast nook during the summer. Flowers are more available during the summer months and you can decorate your breakfast nook table with fresh flowers. The color that fresh cut flowers bring to the room can accentuate or bring out subtle colors in your wallpaper, kitchen counters, china, curtains, or placemats. The availability of this living decoration increases your decorating opportunities.

If you have children, they will definitely be spending more time outside during the summer. A room with windows on all sides gives a parent a panoramic view of where their children are playing. You can get bills paid, do the dishes or read a book at your breakfast nook bench while still keeping an eye on your kids. Sitting outside is difficult because the wind might blow your work around. The comfortable sitting areas in your breakfast nook make it a great place to work and still be close to your playing tots.

The visibility afforded by the many walls of windows makes the breakfast nook a room that is much more enjoyable and useful during the summer. Start using this great room today!

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