Decorating Your Breakfast Nook

Most people find that the breakfast nook is not only a great gathering place for family and friends, but also a fantastic decorating opportunity. Because people are in it so often, you want this space to reflect your personality and decorating tastes. Just because it is a functional room, does not mean that you cannot make a statement. You can use your breakfast nook to complement the interior design of your entire home.

First, the selection of your furniture makes a huge decorating statement. I have talked about the benefits and disadvantages of different sized and different style tables and chairs. You do not have to think solely about their utilitarian attributes when selecting your breakfast nook set. The design of your table and chairs can carry a theme from your dining room or your kitchen further. For example, if you have wooden cabinets and a tile backsplash in your kitchen then a wooden table with benches would be a nice continuation of that theme. You can even carry the detailed theme of your backsplash by adding a tile border to your table. If your kitchen is full of stainless steel appliances and black marble countertops then perhaps you should choose a glass table with metal trim and metal chairs. Whatever furniture set you decide on, it should reflect the style of your kitchen since the two rooms are so closely connected.

Once you have chosen furniture that reflects the overall theme and decorating style of your home, you can add touches of detail that will tie everything together. For example, you can add cushions to the chairs or benches that bring out the color subtleties in your counter tops or are the same color as your cabinet hardware. You can also play off any color in stencils on your cabinets or walls. Cushions are available in a variety of materials and styles. Choosing different fabrics or shapes can create a completely different feel for the room. If your living room is full of large billowy sofas and chairs with lots of throw pillows, then a thick cushion with a micro suede fabric might be appropriate. If your sitting room has sleek and modern leather seating arrangements then thinner cushions made out of a fabric like vinyl might be appropriate. In addition to seat cushions, you can add touches of color to your breakfast nook by utilizing placemats. The same theories apply as with the seat cushions. You can use the placemats to bring out colors in your kitchen or from your walls. In addition, placemats have the added benefit of being easy to change and relatively inexpensive. You could change the look of your table every week if you wanted. You can also get holiday themed placemats for special times of the year.

In addition to placemats, you can put other things on your breakfast nook table that can stand in as decoration. Many tables have a centerpiece such as flowers or candle arrangements that are nice design touches. You can use fruit in a bowl as a piece of art or even cleverly designed salt and pepper shakers can be a small piece of sculpture. If you do not sit at your kitchen table every day, then you can even use place settings as decorative elements. Because it is not the formal dining room we are not talking about Lenox china, but you can use brightly colored plates of decreasing size on top of each other as interesting displays. However, if you are using the table often then something in the middle will probably be more prudent and more convenient.

Most breakfast nooks are small rooms that are directly off a kitchen with only three walls. Typically, those walls are covered in windows. Because of the possibility of direct sunlight and glare, many homeowners need some kind of breakfast nook window treatment in this area. Again, do not forget that even utilitarian objects like curtains or shades provide an opportunity to further your interior design agenda. If the walls in your kitchen have wallpaper or borders then the curtains in this area can complement the color scheme from your kitchen. You can also try to find printed fabrics for your valences that are similar to any stencil or border. No matter how soft you try to make it, your kitchen most likely will be full of very straight lines. The shape of cabinets and appliances is square and rectangular. Nevertheless, you can use the curtains and valences to add curved lines. If you gather, the curtains to the side when not in use the draping effect will create a nice curved line and you can install round cornices or valences as well. The curved lines of your breakfast nook can add nice balance to the interior design of the entire kitchen area.

Even though you have all of those windows in your breakfast nook, the sun will not always be shining. You need to think about artificial lighting for those cloudy days and at night. Light fixtures are an excellent opportunity for any decorator. They are usually in the center of the room and can be a focal point if you so desire. The lighting that you choose can completely change the personality of a room. For example, if you hang a crystal chandelier, the room automatically takes on more of an elegant feel. If you have chosen a wooden table and benches then you will want to continue that country theme into your lighting. You can even go as far as to have a wagon wheel chandelier. However, if you have a glass table and metal chairs then maybe recessed lighting would be more appropriate. Whatever lighting you choose, make sure that it enhances your decorating theme.

Many homeowners feel that decorating a room means that you hang something on the wall. Because most breakfast nooks do not have much wall space, they feel that there decorating options are limited. We have shown in this post that there are plenty of opportunities to decorate your breakfast nook without hanging anything on the wall space. Nevertheless, if you wish to do so, there are options. Arts and crafts stores sell decal packages that are meant to be hung on glass that you can use to decorate your windows. These decals are meant to give the impression that the glass panes in the windows are etched. You can also find special paints that are meant to allow light to shine through them. These types of decorating projects are fun for children to participate in and are not permanent. So, if you can always changes your mind. Another way to utilize your window space for hanging art is to use stained glass. You can either learn to do it yourself, or buy small stained glass ornaments and then hang them from your windows with suction cups. The natural light will shine through them and allow you to appreciate their beauty fully.

Decorating is in the details and making a few small changes can go a long way. Whatever approach you choose to decorate your breakfast nook, remember that every piece of furniture and every item you put in the room is an opportunity to express yourself and have fun!

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