Breakfast Nook Furniture – Chairs

This post is devoted to the many seating options available as breakfast nook furniture.  I’ll briefly describe of the pros and cons associated with chairs, stools, and benches.

Chairs are going to be your traditional, safe bet and my personal preference given my family situation.  The prices for chairs can start from cheap and non-durable over a few short years and go all the way up to absurdly expensive where you’re basically paying for the label.  I tend to shoot for the best value.  Which means I look for the lowest priced chairs that will give me a usable product for many years.  We have a wide selection of materials to chose from for our chairs.  There is the standard stained wood, painted wood, or painted wood with a distressed finish if you’re going for a country feel to your kitchen.  Perhaps a more modern look is more in tune with your style.  In that case, you can also chose chairs constructed out of metal.  For example you can buy aluminum chairs, chrome chairs, or wrought iron chairs.  Wrought iron chairs might damage hard-wood floors so be careful.

Stools are a nice change of pace.  They can provide a livelier, more social feel to a kitchen at a reasonable price.  I have stayed away from stools mostly because I have young children.  They have fallen off of or knocked over our wide based chairs more times than I can count.  The problem would be an order of magnitude worse with stools.  When my kids get a little older, say in two or three years, I might consider low, metal stools with a chrome finish.  I think that would give our kitchen a nice classic 50s soda fountain feel.  We’ll have to see what’s in style at that point.  You might also be considering the taller bar stools.  I think tall bar stools are a great fit for a game room or kitchen counter, but I personally feel like a breakfast nook should have a medium height table.  Medium height tables render taller stools inappropriate.

Benches are a staple of “breakfast nook sets.” Breakfast nook sets frequently feature a rectangular table with one or two high-backed benches and one or two benches without backs.  The high-backed benches provide the suggestion of an area separate from the rest of the kitchen even if the set is inside the same four walls as the kitchen.  Many sets will also feature an L-shaped bench. Bench materials consist of the usual suspects, including wood and metal.  Although, benches are most often made out of wood.  Wood is common because it can readily be distressed to provide a rustic or country element to a kitchen.

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