Window Treatments

Almost every breakfast nook is near a window if not surrounded by windows on three sides.  Selecting the appropriate window treatment is especially important for this reason.  I like an area with a lot of natural light, but that said, I don’t like having sun beams poking me directly in the eye.

Curtains are a good place to start.  I prefer either sheer curtains or voile curtains.  Their loose open weave gives them a translucent quality that allows plenty of light to pass through them.  Both types have the added benefit of softening up your breakfast nook.  The one drawback to voile curtains might be that they are too open and allow too much light to get through.  In this case, you should combine the voile curtain with another window treatment.  Perhaps a window shade or cheap window blinds.

There are a number of different styles of shades to choose from.  I like honeycomb or cellular shades because they are translucent and have the added benefit of providing some insulation to your window.  Linen pleated window shades are also an excellent choice.  They have a similar look as the honeycomb shades, but are less expensive, making them great for people on a budget.  A third shade option is roman shades.  Roman shades are relatively inexpensive, are fairly easy to install, and fairly easy to maintain.  It might be a bit tricky to find a roman shade that lets in enough light.  So don’t fall in love with a particular pattern before you take a sample home and test it out.  Shades can do the job on their own or in combination with one of the curtain options mentioned earlier.

Another window treatment option is window blinds.  The actual blinds themselves might not be translucent, but the adjustable openness of the blinds gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how much light gets in.  Most woven blinds don’t have a fine light adjustment mechanism, so you might want to pass on woven blinds.

Finally, I’d like to discuss window flower boxes.  Although, they’re not technically a window treatment, they can go a long way toward enhancing the ambience and beauty of your breakfast nook.  Like most people, I’m not fortunate enough to have my kitchen face a pool or garden.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beauty of flora.  Window boxes are mini gardens that attach to your house, generally below your window.  If you live in an apartment or rent, you can buy optional hanging elements for your window box.

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